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  • Sexual Thoughts Date: 9-5-2018

    ? How big is the sin of deliberately bringing bad thoughts to mind?(the most common sexual thoughts) what about deliberately bringing bad thoughts that are insulting to Allah? Please clarify sins that reach the level of kufr and those that are only major or minor sins in your answer. Please give a broad and long answer because I am suffering extremely.. More

  • Workers Must Abide by the Terms and Conditions Date: 29-4-2018

    What does Islam say about workers owning the means of production, meaning the workers making decisions in the workplace instead of only the boss doing so. .. More

  • She Supplicated against her Grandfather Date: 29-4-2018

    Assalamu Alaykum WR WBMy grandparents are divorced and I had learned that my grandfather cheated on my grandmother. I ended up making some badua and now I regret it so much. I just want to know if there is something besides my askings for forgiveness that should be done. I really regret it and I feel so guilty when ever I see him. I would also like.. More

  • Gathering Information about Competitive Companies to Analyze them Date: 23-4-2018

    Assalamo AlaykumI m working in the digital marketing in the SEO( search engine optimization) and make advertisements Ads in Adwords. My question is very simple, I use competition intelligence tool to analyze the competitor's sites in search engines like google and etc..For ex: spy on their Keywords and see their top organic keywords, the benefit ones.. More

  • Promoting a Dubious Account Date: 22-4-2018

    Salaam alaikoum If I promote an account on a social medium like instagram because of the beautiful pictures of nature that are displayed on this account. And somewhere on this account there is a link to his/her shop, where he/she sells lawful and unlawful items. Can I still promote this account? Djazak Allah hoe gairan .. More

  • Meaning of Spending According to one’s Need Date: 19-4-2018

    Assalamu alaikumWe know that if one haa haram income and have no alternative to support his family he can eat from that money and fullfil his need. What does neef mean? Does is mean as much as necessary and not more than that? I mean if he is from a well off family must he wear cheap clohes and cant wear good clothes of his standard. I mean according.. More

  • Accompanying Family on Work Trips Date: 19-4-2018

    Assalamu'alaaykum. My father works as an engineer and he constantly goes out of town. Sometimes, me and my mother would go with him and stay with the hotel. The company forbade bringing family during work to avoid disturbance, but we did not incur harm to the company at all. We pay our costs by ourselves. We went because my father asks us or my mother.. More

  • Yearly Book Fairs Date: 19-4-2018

    salam. in our country, there's a yearly book fair that is arranged and everyone enjoys it in a festive mood. many food shops also sell foods in the fair. it happens in the same month every year. its a local custom. is it bidah? .. More

  • Benefiting From The Father’s Partially Ill-Gotten Money Date: 11-4-2018

    salam. so far i know majority scholars think that parents are not obliged to provide for an adult son. now that i am 22 years old and still studying, shall i start earning on my own? its to be noted that my dad's income is mixed(halal and haram). shall i depend on him? in case i only get chances of earning that provide mixed income instead of halal,.. More

  • Predicting the Price of Currencies Date: 11-4-2018

    Assalamaualaikum. Is it allowed to predict the price of a currency for trading? like some one wants to predict the price of Dollars tomorrow. If my Artificial Intelligence algorithm predicts higher price for timorrow, he will buy the dollars today and sell it tomorrow. is it okay? .. More

  • Marrying The Maternal Cousin of Wife Date: 10-4-2018

    Can I marry My Mother in Laws younger sisters daughter.? We were loving each other and she got marry to some one else. But her husband not treating her well. So she wanna divorce. I wanna marry her as my second wife and give her and for her son a good life. Is it possible in Islam? .. More

  • Misconception about Hellfire Date: 4-4-2018

    Assalamualaikum , I have a question about Jahannam.I watched a video in which a guy claimed that Islam was man-made because Jahannam was man-made, because it is a Christian invention. He claims that the christian invention was based off the Gehinnom, which is apparently a valley in ancient Israel in Jerusalem. It was apparently a place where evil kings.. More

  • Are Humans the Best of Creations? Date: 1-4-2018

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhAre humans the best of creations? .. More

  • Putting the Name of Allah next to Muhammad in a Frame Date: 29-3-2018

    Asalaam alaikumIn my home we have islamic frames. In the frames on the top right hand side its says "Allah" swt in arabic and then on the top left hand side of the frame it says "Muhammad" pbuh in arabic. Is this shirk?, other frames the names are next to each other. None of us have these frames to do shirk etc. These frames have Qu'ran ayat on .Also.. More

  • Idhtibaa’ in Tawaaf and Purity in Sa’yy Date: 28-3-2018

    Asslamualaikum, I did umrah with my mother and she was on wheel chair. While doing tawaf i forgot to uncover my right shoulder i think in 3 or 4 rounds later i remembered so i uncovered it and cosmpleted twaf of umrah. Is there any expiation to be paid? one Person saying that you will have to pay Sadqah but i think may be his opinion is wrong.Also during.. More