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  • Reward of learning worldly knowledge Date: 27-11-2022

    Assalamu Alaikum!Sheikh, I'm a 17 year old girl. I'm really interested in learning computer programming through halal option (i.e. online courses from home) and start Halal freelancing so that I can help my old father in earning because I don't have any brother. Recently, I saw some posts on social media which says Muslim women should not get worldly.. More

  • Giving Fake Reviews on Products Date: 22-11-2022

    AssalamualikumSo recently I learned about this new way to earn money online.It is about giving reviews about products and getting money for the task on Amazon. Now, I know that giving fake reviews will be haram from another answered question.( https://www.islamweb.net/en/fatwa/424609/selling-products-on-amazon-by-cheating-and-deceiving ) Now I am planning.. More

  • Limits of Obeying Parents Date: 20-10-2022

    I got a job in a nearby town to my current town where I am required to use my motorcycle. My parents are saying that you should not travel there by the motorcycle. I do not have any Job to earn and I am in need of money and need to pay a loan.I do not want to falsify my promise to the new employer and neither be disrectful to my parents.Plz suggestJazak.. More

  • Nature of backbiting Date: 20-10-2022

    What forms of gossip/backbiting are considered haram? There is this suspicious individual who my family and I know and his friend now and then relates to me this individual's supposed true nature. He claims that he is a bad person and he relates to me his experience with him and the various misdeeds that he has committed? Am I committing a sin by listening.. More

  • Backbiting of the Wronged Person Against the Person Who Wronged Him Date: 20-10-2022

    Assalamu aleykum.My mother always give complain of her boss to me when i can't settle the score between her and her boss.Is this a form of backbiting? .. More

  • Backbiting an Unknown Person Date: 19-10-2022

    Assalamu alaikum. I happen to backbite someone without knowing that he is actually a Muslim. I live in a kaffir country. What's the ruling for that? Am I sinful? Will I be held accountable? .. More

  • The Limits of Asking Allah, The Exalted Date: 16-10-2022

    Assalam alaykum,I’ve been having skin issues and unfortunately it’s caused changes in my skin I don’t like and it’s caused me to age horribly. Can I ask Allah to give me back the same exact skin and face I had 5 years ago, and to let me keep the same exact face and skin for the next few years? Is this a transgression? Can I ask Allah to grant.. More

  • How to Deal with Parents Date: 4-10-2022

    My parents are practically at war with me for being a Sunni. I want advice on what to do because I was even forced to shave off my beards recently which sadden me to the core depth of my heart. Note that I just started practising sunnah and I want to practise it to the maximum best of my ability because I know that this is the only way to worship Allah.. More

  • Obedience to Parents is Obligatory on Matters that Have a Sound Cause Date: 3-10-2022

    Assalamualaikum. My mother wants me to tell her about any problems that I have. I find it highly uncomfortable to discuss my problems with people I know, and some of my problems involve sins that I previously committed or situations that were embarrassing for me. Am I obligated to tell her about all of my problems? Thank you. .. More

  • Whispers that Come to One’s Mind Unintentionally are Pardoned Date: 3-10-2022

    I get a lot of images of other gods when I pray salah. especially at the time of sujood What should I do now? Am I accountable for this? Am I committing shirk? .. More

  • Ruling on Returning the Greeting of Peace When One Date: 21-9-2022

    If I watch a video about Islam and the person says assalamu ‘alaykum to the viewers, which includes me, is it obligatory to return the greeting, even though it is just a video and they cant hear me? .. More

  • Is It Obligatory to Obey Husband in Foreplay? Date: 21-9-2022

    Is it obligatory to obey husband in foreplay? For example, if he wants do a particular form of foreplay which the wife does not like does she have to do it. .. More

  • The Statement ‘It Is my Duty to Do So and So’ Is not Considered a Vow Date: 14-9-2022

    If one says, " It is my duty to do such and such" instead of saying "It is my duty towards Allah to do such and such", would his saying be considered a vow? .. More

  • Eating Everything That Is on One’s Plate Date: 1-9-2022

    Assalamualaikum brother. My problem is when I eat dinner or a meal with my family or in gatherings I eat my plate fully and cleanly as the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam if I am correct! I try my best never to let any food or a rice to be wasted. My problem is sometimes or usually my brother and sister they don’t eat their.. More

  • Husband Told His Wife: ‘You Are Free to Go.’ Date: 27-8-2022

    my husband said during a fight when i was demanding talaaq and khula and he replied me twice ok you are free to go and also he said ask someone if our nikah is broken from those kinaya words then i swear i m happy so please let me know my naikah is valid or over and last 20 months we are sleeping separately .. More