Snakes Eject Nothing but Venom

Snakes Eject Nothing but Venom
  • Publish date:27/02/2011
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The cruelties and severe suffering undergone by the people of Gaza and their perseverance reflect a brand of Gazan and Palestinian distinction with honors. It is a form of excellence recorded for posterity for the people of Palestine. Surely, no other people in the world have suffered like them, historically and geographically. Nevertheless, the tremendous endurance of this people is a great lesson for all the noble people who struggle for a cause.

The suffering of the Palestinian people is unlike any other. The period that  they have lived under the flame of suffering is extremely long and uninterrupted. For more than sixty years until today, massacres, forced expulsion, demolition of houses, destruction of facilities, imprisonment, murder, displacement and unprecedented forms of torture have continued unabated. The suffering of the people of Gaza is the most cruel on the Palestinian front, compounded by the overcrowding and poverty there. This is in addition to the blockade, curbs on exit and entry, suspending means of livelihood, and disruption of water and power supply, to the extent that hospitals are unable to handle normal illnesses, let alone cases of difficult and chronic diseases.
Patients are prevented from leaving Gaza for treatment in the vast land of Allah The Almighty, and thus they die owing to lack of medicine, shortage in or malfunction of hospital equipment due to the continuing and frequent electricity cuts or changes in the quality of voltage that causes many devices to breakdown, or due to other reasons. Sometimes matters worsen to the extent that humanitarian aid is prevented from coming from relief agencies or from neighboring countries. It is unparalleled suffering – prevention of food and water, and deterioration of facilities, particularly sewage, which heralds the outbreak of diseases. Moreover, there are daily killings and incessant arrests. The rates of such crimes have increased, such as killing by helicopters, artillery, hunger and disease, in addition to constant arrests of people.
The severe suffering of the people of Gaza is an obvious fact that shows the brutality of the Zionist enemy, which is unlike any other occupier, whose savagery and lack of mercy has gone beyond all known limits even in cases of occupation. This suffering also reveals the deep deterioration of international ethics. The Zionist enemy, which has been committing all these atrocities before the eyes and ears of the whole world, still enjoys American and European support and international silence. What is more shocking is that Zionist bestiality increased in intensity and frequency during the visit of the US President to the region. It also demonstrates the humiliation of the Arab world, and perhaps its collusion. The Palestinian people are Muslim and Arab and undergoing the greatest forms of suffering; nonetheless, Arab and Muslim countries are simply watching and no significant action has been taken to stop the suffering.
The suffering of Palestine and Gaza is a fact that has intensified in recent times. It seems that instead of carrying out our ethical responsibilities towards this brutal occupation, some of us keep looking for non-objective reasons on which to pin our failure, inability and collusion. It is understood that the circles of the Zionist and American enemy and its loyal media say that the reason for the Palistinian suffering is the Hamas takeover of Gaza or the firing of Al-Qassam rockets on Israeli settlements; yet, what is strange is that some of us are repeating the same lies.
First of all, the suffering of the Palestinian people generally and the people of Gaza in particular, started sixty years ago, and is still ongoing. It did not stop either in the presence of Hamas or before Hamas existed or even before anyone recognized this name. The suffering has not ended whether or not the Palestinians showed any kind of resistance. It goes without saying that suffering with resistance is better than suffering without it since it constitutes at least a sort of solace even at the level of maintaining one’s personal dignity. It is very painful to die in silence and submission; at least, let us try to cause some kind of retribution, great or small, to our enemy. It is also known that Hamas had offered more than once to stop firing rockets at the Zionist settlements in return for stopping the Zionist aggression on Gaza and lifting the blockade, but the Zionist enemy refused. Should Hamas stand with their hands tied, looking on in grief at its children and the children of the Palestinian people who are facing death and arrest without taking any action?
The most significant point here is that the West Bank itself is being exposed to Zionist operations, aggression, killing and arrest, which means that there is no emphasis on Gaza in this regard. I must note here that Yasser Arafat had personally signed the Oslo agreement with the Zionist enemy; nevertheless, he was put under siege in Ramallah. It was even said that he was poisoned at the hands of the Zionists. Therefore, aggression is continuous Zionist behavior since the snake ejects nothing but venom. Thus, Az-Zahhaar, Haniyyah and Khaalid Mish‘al are not the cause of suffering; otherwise, why did they put Yasser Arafat under siege?
Here we must add that, regardless of our opinion on Hamas, the national, Islamic and humanitarian duty requires us to strongly support it now. Hamas still fires rockets at Israeli settlements, and its history is filled with martyrdom operations. It has numerous detainees in Israeli prisons -- more than any other movement, including Fatah, when comparing the number of years that both Fatah and Hamas have put up a struggle, as well as taking into account that uncategorized detainees in Israeli prisons are classified as being from Fatah. This does not undermine the value of Fatah's historical struggle. Moreover, Hamas leaders die in the battlefield, like Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Al-Rantissi, Salah and others. Leaders of Hamas also offer their children to martyrdom without discrimination from others and this is evidence of the credibility of their struggle.
Whatever the case, Hamas is not the cause for the suffering of Gaza. Aggression is the traditional attitude of the Zionist snake, and this aggression so far targets all militants from Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and others. People who are chanting these words are in fact participating in the plan to eliminate Hamas and the future of the Palestinian struggle for the sake of Israel, America and the collusive Palestinian and Arab forces that settle for a humiliating peace. Even this humiliating peace is not attainable because Israel will give only blood and fire, not peace. What peace are they seeking when snakes eject nothing but venom? This is a fact that we should never forget.

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