The truth about Rotary International - II

  • Publish date:10/03/2011
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Intellectual and ideological roots:

• There is complete compatibility between Freemasonry and Rotary on the issue of (religion, homeland, and politics), as well as adopting the principle of selection. A member is not allowed to freely join them; rather, he waits until an invitation for membership is sent to him.
• Values and the spirit which are planted in members of Freemasonry or Rotary are the same, such as the idea of equality, brotherhood, human spirit and global cooperation. This is a dangerous spirit since it aims at eliminating differences among nations and breaking all kinds of loyalties, so that people are turned into lost and scattered individuals and the Jews become the only strong power which controls the world. 
• Rotary and similar clubs operate within the framework of the Jewish schemes as they are dominated by the Masons who are theoretically and practically connected to international Judaism. The Jews first and foremost are the only beneficiaries from these organizations' activities and achievements.
• Freemasonry is different from Rotary in terms that the former's leadership and headship are unknown. On the contrary, it is possible to know the Rotary's heads and founders. However, a new Rotary branch cannot be founded unless it is sanctioned by the head of the international organization and under the supervision of an earlier office.
• These institutions pretend to do humanitarian work to improve relations among the various communities and pretend that they confine their activities to social and cultural issues. They achieve their goals through periodic parties, lectures and seminars which call for rapprochement between religions and the abolition of religious differences.
• The real purpose, however, is that the Jews mix with other peoples under the cloak of friendship and brotherhood. This helps them to gather information which helps them to achieve their economic and political purposes. This also helps them to spread certain habits which contribute to social disintegration. This is asserted when we know that membership is awarded only to eminent and leading figures in society.
Spread and influence: 
• The Rotary clubs started in America in 1905 C.E. and later moved to Britain as well as a number of European countries. The head branches are in London, Zurich and Paris. The presidency of each Rotarian region all over the world is directly connected to the General Center in Evanston through its international representative in the main branches. Today, Rotary clubs are spread throughout 157 countries all over the world.
• Region 245 includes Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain and Cyprus. This organization has more than forty branches in Israel as well as clubs in a number of Arab countries like Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Lebanon. Beirut is considered the center for the Middle East's associations.
Given the aforementioned facts, it becomes cleat that:
Rotarians aim at the elimination of distinctive cultural and religious features in order to create one environment governed by Rotarian ideas and principles which derive their concepts from international Freemasonry and takes the Centennial Bell as its logo. This organization works under other names, such as the Inner Wheel Committee which is concerned with women and includes Egypt and Jordan as one Inner Wheel region No. 95, the Rotaract Committee and the Interact Committee.
These clubs constitute a serious threat to Islam and Muslims as they pretend they lead humanitarian work while they are in fact destroying the Islamic spirit and are working within the framework of international Jewish schemes.
The Islamic ruling:
The International Islamic Conference for Islamic organizations, held in Makkah (1394 A.H., 1974 C.E.) issued its eleventh resolution on Masonry, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, the Moral Rearmament and the Freedom Brothers that:
- Every Muslim must immediately desert such institutions, and Muslim countries should prevent their activities and close their clubs and dens.
- Not to employ any person who belongs to such organizations and boycott him.
- It is prohibited to elect any Muslim who belongs to such organizations to take part in any Islamic work.
- These organizations must be exposed through booklets and brochures sold at cost price.
- In its first session, the Islamic Fiqh Academy declared that Freemasonry as well as other organizations branching from it such as Lions and Rotary are completely incompatible with Islamic principles and contradict them. 

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