Ramadan and victory

Ramadan and victory
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Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {The month of Ramadan [is that] in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion.} [Quran 2:185]

In Ramadan, the Quran was revealed to guide people. In Ramadan, the Muslims were victorious on the day of Badr, Allah bestowed upon them the favor of the Conquest of Makkah, the Battle of ‘Ayn Jaloot in which the Muslims were overwhelmingly victorious over the Tatars, the Conquest of Amorium between the Muslims under the leadership of Al-Mu‘tasim and the Romans after a woman sought the help of Al-Mu‘tasim and she cried out: ‘O Mu‘tasim!’ When Al-Mu‘tasim heard this, he prepared an army and conquered Amorium.

In Ramadan, Noor Ad-Deen Zangi was victorious over the crusaders, Baibars won Antioch back from the crusaders and the Muslims conquered the city of Belgrade. Indeed, many victories were achieved in Ramadan.
Will we make Ramadan this year the gate of returning Islam to lead the world once more; will we make it the beginning of a path that ends with the honor and empowerment of Islam.

Dear loved ones for the sake of Allah, Ramadan is a month when devils are chained, the souls of the believers are elevated, the voice of clear truth is raised and the Quran fills the ears of the lovers, the throats of the worshippers and the hearts of the righteous. Ramadan is an opportunity for a new beginning. It is an open gate for a wide road of hope. It is a well-lit lamp to help us move together in the path of empowerment and place our feet at the beginning of the bridge of clear victory; thus proceed and do not despair.

Know dear brother and sister that victory has paths. We can start making the victory of the nation and we can achieve victory for ourselves seeking the help of Allah The Exalted. Let us consider Ramadan a motive for achieving both victories; the victory of the nation and our personal victory. The believer rejoices at the support of Allah and he rejoices at achieving victory even if everyone is defeated. Some people achieve victory in spite of the defeat of all those who surround them and they achieve victory in the severest and most difficult crises.
Consider this Hadeeth, Anas ibn Maalik  may  Allah  be  pleased  with  him narrated that when Haraam ibn Milhaan, his uncle, was stabbed on the day of Bi’r Ma‘oonah, he sprinkled his blood over his face and his head this way and then said: "I have succeeded, by the Lord of the Ka‘bah." [Al-Bukhari]

Look at Haram and how he achieved personal victory in the severest situations. What is apparent is that he lost everything by losing his life as man has nothing which is more precious than his life and losing it means losing everything. However, he won and accomplished victory in his personal struggle; he won a seat of honor near a Sovereign who is Perfect in Ability. So, let us pause with ourselves and rely upon our Lord to achieve the victory with His will; even if everybody is defeated and even in the hardest of situations.

When ‘Ali  may  Allah  be  pleased  with  him and may He Please him, was stabbed and this also took place in Ramadan, he said: "I have succeeded, by the Lord of the Ka‘bah", after he saw the blood pouring from his head to cover his honored body.

What is apparent is the loss for Muslims as he was the ruler of Muslims and the fourth rightly guided caliph. Nevertheless, he thought of the matter differently; he calculated it in terms of profit and loss. Indeed, the commodity of Allah is precious; indeed the commodity of Allah is Paradise. Should we not buy it and pay the dowries of the Hoor? Ramadan has come so head towards your Lord and Patron, say farewell to the night of heedlessness and say welcome to the day of victory.

To faith and with faith once more.

By: Abu Al-Haytham Muhammad Darweesh

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