Muslims in Europe well-integrated, new study claims

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Muslims in Europe are well-integrated into mainstream society but are not fully accepted by all, according to a new study released by the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany.

The Religion Monitor 2017 surveyed education, working life and interreligious contacts of Muslims in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the U.K., which are home to nearly 14 million Muslims.

The representative survey found that second- and third-generation Muslims had a better command of the national language, were much better educated and, despite continued discrimination, were also successful in the labor market.

France has been the most successful country for linguistic integration, followed by the U.K.

Over 90 percent of immigrant children in France have grown up with the French as their first language, and 80 percent of Muslims born in the U.K. learned English as children.

In the second generation, less and less Muslim children were leaving school before their 18th birthday. Nearly 67 percent stayed in school past their 17th birthday.

Germany and Switzerland have been the countries where Muslims were the most successful at integrating into the job market.

"In both these countries, the rate of gainful employment among Muslims no longer differs from that of the total population,” the report said.

However, it also underlined that Muslims were earning significantly less, especially in Germany, as they were more often employed in low-wage positions.


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Source: Worldbulletin



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