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  • The Importance of dialogue

    According to the Quran, dialogue and reasoning in the best possible way are important methods of communicating, upholding the truth and resisting falsehood. The ultimate aim of doing this is to arrive at the truth. Within the framework of Islamic Da’wah, dialogue is a tool of correction, construction and self-evaluation. Dialogue is a shared tool.. More

  • Who and how to call to Islam?

    Islam is a universal way of life and therefore addresses the entire community. This flows firstly from the fact that Islam is the religion prescribed by Allah, the Almighty, to the whole of humanity. Secondly, Islam, being a complete code of life, providing clear-cut criteria for man's activity in all domains of life, social, economic, political and.. More

  • The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

    This is the third and most revised edition of one of the best textbook on the subject of Usool Al-Fiqh Al-Islami, (The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence). Usool Al-Fiqh is one of the main realms of Islamic knowledge and is so essential that not only Fiqh—which is the practical aspect of Islam and the way of living and applying its laws –but.. More

  • The methodology of discourse in Da'wah

    The methodology of discourse in Da'wah (Islamic propagation) constitutes the following principles: A.Establishing the principle of submission The principle of submitting to Allah The Almighty should be established and stressed. Muslims should realize that they must submit to the ordinances of Allah The Almighty, whether they understand the wisdom.. More

  • The Muslim nation has a universal message for mankind

    If as a researcher, I were to compare the men of yesterday and today whose prejudices have scarred the very core of religion, then I am overwhelmingly inclined to convict the latter. This is because their attitudes and prejudices do not merely affect them personally, but threaten to undermine and devastate the future of humankind. Racism and discrimination.. More

  • Directions on giving advice -I

    Among the essential obligations Islam enjoins Muslims to do is to offer sincere advice to people, whether fellow Muslims or others, in the best manner, so as to spread good and eliminate evil in society. How many of us have looked to our brothers and sisters in Islam and have seen them straying from the path of Allah, and have turned our faces away?.. More