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  • UN calls for 'full Rohingya citizenship'

    The UN General Assembly has approved a resolution urging Myanmar to provide "full citizenship'' to its Rohingya Muslim minority and to allow them to move freely throughout the country. The resolution adopted by consensus on Monday, stressed the assembly's "serious concern'' about the government's treatment of the Rohingyas, sending a strong.. More

  • UN: Tens of thousands dead in S Sudan war

    Tens of thousands of people have died in South Sudan during one year of war and the country's leaders are putting their "personal ambitions" ahead of the young nation's future, the UN secretary-general has said. Ban Ki-moon called on the country's leaders to agree to an inclusive power-sharing arrangement that would address the root causes.. More

  • UN says record numbers dying to reach Europe

    More than 3,400 people have died in the Mediterranean this year trying to reach Europe, the UN's refugee agency said Wednesday, urging governments to take more action to save lives. The UNHCR said at least 348,000 people, including a growing number of asylum seekers, had taken to the seas worldwide since the beginning of the year. "Europe, facing.. More

  • Arkan's Balkan 'Tigers' escape accountability

    It was the afternoon of April 2, 1992, in Bijeljina, in eastern Bosnia - where Trbic was captured. The leader of the Serbian Volunteer Guard, known as the "Tigers", was sitting in an army truck loaded with weapons. Trbic recalls that through the night until dawn, he was beaten and tortured, sometimes in the presence of Arkan himself. "They.. More

  • Palestinians 'imprisoned' by Rafah closure

    Razan al-Halaqawi was too ill to spend weeks waiting for Egypt to open the Gaza Strip's main crossing in Rafah. The crossing has been closed to residents looking to exit Gaza since October 25; in the intervening days, Egypt has opened the crossing just once in one direction for two days, allowing Palestinians on its territory to return to their homes.. More

  • Anti-Arab incitement grips Israel

    As racially motivated attacks and growing incitement gripped Israel over the weekend, 23-year-old Waad Ghantous, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was not surprised at being verbally accosted in this mixed city, home to both Arabs and Jews on Israel's northern coast. "The racism is always present, but it's much worse now than usual," Ghantous,.. More

  • East Jerusalem under 'collective punishment'

    After months of unrest, municipal officials in Jerusalem have begun a widespread crackdown on the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, enforcing the finest points of the law in what rights groups have dubbed an act of "collective punishment". Small businesses have been shuttered for unpaid bills, or for lacking the proper licenses. Livestock.. More

  • Thousands of Rohingya missing en route to Malaysia

    Thousands of Rohingya boat people who have left Myanmar in the past month have yet to reach their destinations, say relatives and an advocacy group for the persecuted minority, raising fears their boats have been prevented from reaching shore. About 12,000 Rohingya, a mostly stateless Muslim people, have left the western Myanmar state of Rakhine since.. More

  • Hunger amid tragedy for South Sudan refugees

    The water at the Lietchor refugee camp has gone from waist to knee high, but it was still deep enough last month for a five-year-old to drown as his mother went to collect her weekly grain rations. "I had a boy and he drowned and I no longer have him," Nyabong Yual told Al Jazeera, her shaking hands folding and unfolding as she spoke. This.. More

  • China jails Imams in mass crackdown

    China has imprisoned almost two dozen people - mostly Muslim religious leaders - in the western region of Xinjiang, in a stepped up crackdown on "illegal religious activities", Chinese media reported. The 22 Imams were given prison terms ranging from five to 16 years at a mass public sentencing in Xinjiang on Monday, the state-run China News.. More

  • Palestinian anger boils in the heart of East Jerusalem

    For months, the streets of mainly Arab East Jerusalem, in the shadow of the Old City but where tourists seldom venture, have been ablaze, with daily clashes between armed Israeli police and Palestinians throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails. The roots of the unrest are many: from the killing in July of a Palestinian teenager by Jewish extremists --.. More

  • A third of the world's stateless are children, says UN

    Over a third of the 10 million stateless people across the world are children, said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Tuesday at the launch of a global campaign aimed at eradicating statelessness in 10 years' time. "Statelessness is inhuman. We believe it is time to end this injustice," said UN refugee agency chief Antonio.. More

  • Soaring number of deaths in Syria prisons

    A staggering 1,917 people have died of torture, starvation and lack of medical treatment in Syrian prisons this year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said. The Britain-based observatory said on Sunday it had documented nearly 2,000 deaths since the start of 2014. The dead include 27 children under the age of 18 and 11 women. Human rights.. More

  • 7 Palestinians killed, 350 detained in October: NGO

    Seven Palestinians were killed and 350 others, including three journalists and an ex-female prisoner, detained by Israel during October, a Palestinian NGO said Saturday. Ahrar Center for Prisoners and Human Rights Studies said the seven dead victims included four teenagers less than 15 years of age. The center added in its monthly report about Israeli.. More

  • UN questions Israel on Palestinians' rights

    U.N. experts questioned Israeli officials on Monday over alleged rights abuses ranging from the demolition of Palestinian houses and the expansion of Jewish settlements to limited Palestinian access to water and their farmland. Israel's delegation defended its record before the United Nations Human Rights Committee, which examined respect for civil.. More