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  • Taoism: the religion of magic and Yoga

    Taoism, or Daoism, is the Chinese philosophical and religious system, dating from about the 4th century BC. Taoism has, along with Confucianism, shaped Chinese life for more than 2,000 years. Taoist clergy flourished in China until 1927, when the Chinese Communists ousted them. While the future of 'Taoist practice on the Chinese mainland remains in.. More

  • Confucianism

    Definition Confucianism is the religion of the ancient Chinese, named after the great philosopher Confucius who appeared in the sixth century B.C, calling for the revival of the religious values and traditions that the Chinese had inherited from their forefathers. To these values, he added his own philosophy and moral values leading to sound behaviour.Altho.. More

  • Allah's Knowledge is infinite

    One of the Divine Attributes Allah, The Most Exalted, Has is Infinite Knowledge that encompasses everything in the heavens and earth and what is in between them; in the worldly life and the Hereafter. Therefore, among His Divine Names is the All-Knowing. Allah the Almighty Says in the Quarn (what means): "Verily, He, only He, is the All-Hearer,.. More

  • Refuting Al-Baatiniyyah - IV

    The beliefs of Al-Baatiniyyah are, as previously mentioned, based on the principle that knowledge cannot be attained except through the infallible Imaam and seeking that from any other source, as they believe, will be of no avail. The Imaam is the only one who can interpret texts and his interpretation is decisive and cannot be in any way rejected... More

  • Al-Baatiniyyah: Their Principles and Beliefs-III

    Examples of the deviated interpretations of Al-Baatiniyyah It has previously been mentioned that the belief of Al-Baatiniyyah is based on the distortion of the apparent meanings of the Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) to other esoteric meanings. Amongst such naïve distortions is their claim that fornication does not mean the illicit insertion.. More

  • Al-Baatiniyyah: Their Principles and Beliefs-II

    The beliefs of Al-Baatiniyyah The beliefs of Al-Baatiniyyah are hidden as their name indicates. However, their doctrine and beliefs became known, although they were very keen on hiding them, via those who embraced Islam from them. However, they deny such beliefs. They show the adherents of other faiths what they (the people of those faiths) like and.. More

  • Al-Baatiniyyah: Their Principles and Beliefs-I

    Al-Baghdaadi, may Allah have mercy upon him, said in Al-Farq bayn Al-Firaq, “You, may Allah please you, should know that the effect of Al-Baatiniyyah is more adverse and harmful on all Muslim groups than that of the Jews, Christians and Magians. Rather, it is more destructive than Ad-Dahriyyah and all the other sects of disbelievers.” Al-Baatiniyy.. More

  • The eternal enemy - II

    Satan deceives the Muslim in several ways that he follows in order, so that if he fails to deceive him through the first way, he moves to the second, and so on. Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said, Satan's evil is limited to six categories that he uses with the son of Adam till he traps him in one or more of them. The first evil is.. More

  • Doubting Leads to Disbelief

    Doubt is the opposite of certainty and is a serious disease of the heart. Once it becomes deep-rooted, it destroys the Muslim's soul through hesitation, suspicion and obsessive diffidence. It also prevents the Muslim from achieving his aims because it makes him unable to make a decision or adopt an opinion; rather it renders him constantly bewildered.. More

  • Terrors of the Grave - II

    The Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “I said to them [the two angels who came to him (in a dream) and awakened him and said to him: ‘Proceed!']: ‘I have seen many wonders tonight. What does all that I have seen mean?’ They replied: ‘We will inform you: as for the first man you came upon whose.. More

  • Terrors of the Grave - I

    How different, dear readers, are those who are tortured from those who are blessed in their graves! How different, dear readers, is he who previews the Mercy of Allah The Almighty, from him who previews His Wrath in the grave. I want you, dear reader, to imagine these scenes and envision them with your entire soul. Here are some images related to.. More

  • The Angels and human beings - II

    The emissaries of Allah to His Messengers and Prophets: Allah has told us that Jibreel (Gabriel), may Allaah exalt his mention, is the only one who carries out this mission through the verse (which means): "Say [O Muhammad]: 'Whatever is an enemy to Jibreel (Gabriel)-it is [none but] he who has brought it [i.e. the Quran] down upon your heart,.. More

  • The known existing Books of Allah- II

    The preservation of the Quran: The Quran is the Book of Allah and the last revelation which abrogated the previous divine books. There is no doubt that this book is preserved from any alteration and falsification. It was transmitted to the Muslims, generation by generation, by absolute evidences. Since its revelation it was kept intact in its written.. More

  • Facts & misunderstandings about the Bible

    In the Quran Allah informs us that He revealed a number of books, including the pages of Prophet Abraham (Ibraaheem, may Allah exalt his mention), the Psalms of Prophet David (Daawood, may Allah exalt his mention), the Torah of Prophet Moses (Moosaa, may Allah exalt his mention), the Injeel (Gospel) of Prophet Jesus (‘Eesaa, may Allah exalt his.. More

  • The ranks of people in the Hereafter – II

    Those who favour others over themselves: The seventh rank is that of those who favour others over themselves, spend in charity and benefit people with their wealth and other resources. They are those about whom the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam said, as in the narration of Ibn Mas’ood, may Allaah be pleased with him: “None except.. More