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  • Time and the Muslim Woman in Ramadan

    Time is a treasure that that is owned by the rich and the poor, and the prince and the commoner. However, it is regretfully a wasted treasure in the lives of many. Day and night follow each other and time passes without exception for any person. Whoever contemplates the Quran and Sunnah will find a warning therein of the importance of time. Allah The.. More

  • Eleven Means for Women to Combat Hunger in Ramadan

    Dear sister, thinking of food and drink and the inability to combat hunger indicate that there is nothing that engages you or helps you fill your free time in Ramadan. This is why we offer you these ideas to help you combat the desire to eat and make you feel the sweetness of fasting. - Fasting Ramadan twice! Just a moment please…this is not.. More

  • The Muslim Woman and the Blessed Month

    What joyous moments they are when you see crowds of Muslim men and women entering mosques for praying Taraaweeh or Qiyaam (night) prayers in the blessed month of Ramadan! It is a fascinating scene that kindles the sublime meanings of faith for anyone who contemplates it causing him to taste the sweetness of faith, assurance and optimism. These young.. More

  • Moms: Feed Your Soul This Ramadan

    For most Muslims, Ramadan is supposed to mean much more than just abstaining from food, drink and sexual intercourse. It is an opportunity to enlighten the mind and soul. With opportunities to participate in the Taraaweeh (night prayers) prayers and Iftaar (fast-breaking) meals to enjoy with family and friends, Ramadan is the highlight of the year for.. More