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  • Education of women in Islam - II

    Since women have this great impact on raising children inside or outside her family, they must be properly qualified so as to be a righteous, good example. This can only be done through teaching women how to become righteous educators to bring up children in a good, Islamic way and make use of their gentle sentiment to fill their hearts and souls with.. More

  • Education of women in Islam - I

    Some prejudiced and ignorant people claim that Islam does not encourage women to be educated and that it prefers women to be ignorant or close to it. This is a biased, unfounded allegation against Islam. Indeed, there is no religion or doctrine on earth that encourages man to seek knowledge as much as Islam. Islam strongly encourages humans, both men.. More

  • Self-help and recovery

    Acknowledge what is wrong: Acknowledging a problem is the first step towards finding a solution or a cure for it. Sometimes a bad habit is like a black mark on one's face, it is apparent to everybody except oneself. Assess yourself: How often do you catch yourself using abusive words? Are there particular times when you use bad language more.. More

  • Islam and wife beating

    In the event of a family dispute, the Quran exhorts the husband to treat his wife kindly and not overlook her positive aspects [Quran 4:19]. If the problem relates to the wife's behavior, her husband may exhort her and appeal for reason. In most cases, this measure is likely to be sufficient. In cases where the problem continues, the husband may express.. More

  • Advice to My Daughter

    My daughter, I am a man who is no longer young; I am one who has left his dreams and illusions behind. I have traveled a lot, met people and experienced life. Therefore, please lend an ear to this rare and frank word of advice that is the extract of my years and experiences. Many of us have run our pens dry and exhausted our tongues in calling for.. More

  • The West accuses Islam of oppressing women

    In Islam, women have been given a high status which no past nation ever achieved and which no subsequent nation has been able to attain, because the honor that Islam gives to humanity, includes men and women equally. They are equal before the rulings of Allah in this world and they will be equal with regard to His reward and punishment in the Hereafter... More

  • Muslim women and the Western agenda

    Why does the West pay such great attention to the Arab woman's issues? Why is the United Nations so eager to put the Muslim family at the top of its agenda? Do the issues, that are discussed by documents in women’s conferences, actually reflect the priorities of Muslim women? It is not a secret Speaking about the danger of the woman's status.. More

  • Renewing our hearts

    BY SAHAR KASSAIMAH Do you feel overwhelmed by the many chores you have? Do you feel that you don’t have a minute to spare during your busy life? Do you long for the days when you were performing your worship with a much softer heart and more tearful eyes? If your answer is yes, don't worry and don’t ever think that you are the only one.. More

  • Do not make your wife beg

    Every human needs to be appreciated and loved, and to have this love expressed in many different forms and in many situations. There is nothing more beautiful or pleasant than a word of love between spouses whose hearts have been united by Allah The Almighty in lawful matrimony, making them sufficient for each other and filling each other’s emptiness... More

  • The Wife's Salary - A Blessing Accompanied by a Thousand Curses

    An employed wife is the dream of many young men today, in order that she would cooperate with him in confronting the escalating costs of living. However, the majority of these young men soon realize that the salary of the wife is a blessing that is accompanied by a thousand curses. Social and economic shifts that have hit the core of Moroccan society.. More

  • Look out for your husband after the age of forty

    It is common among many people to consider a grown man to be an adolescent if he travels a lot and leaves his own adolescent children with no one to take care of them. Also, when some people notice that a forty-year-old man changes his style of clothes or his general appearance, they begin to believe that he has abandoned his known reverence, and, consequentl.. More

  • Make-up of a successful wife – I

    Allah Almighty Says what means: {O Mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person, and from him He created his wife, and from both of them He created many men and women and fear Allah through Whom you demand your mutual rights, and do not cut the relations of the wombs.Surely, Allah is ever watching over you.} [Quran 4: 1] The.. More

  • Diary of a Shopaholic’s Husband

    I wish for the day when my wife will tell me that she has come to hate shopping, but I do not think that will ever happen. Her intense love for shopping does not let her get bored or tired of going to the mall, where she hops from one store to the other with resolve and determination. When she expresses her desire to go shopping, I ask her if she needs.. More

  • How to steal your husband's heart

    As a friend of mine was setting off on a journey, she took all the necessary safety measures for her apartment. She installed secure locks as well as iron windows and then traveled to a summer resort along with her family, feeling reassured. However, when she returned home, she was shocked to find that every lightweight and precious item had been stolen... More

  • Is Homeschooling the right choice for you?

    Parents who have experienced the joy of homeschooling consider it a calling. Without doubt, homeschooling is a great option for Muslim families who want to protect their children from un-Islamic influences, and give them a personalized, need-based Islamic education that is not found in public schools. Homeschooling can be rewarding and fun, both for.. More