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  • The Key to the Gate Called Rayyaan - I

    Once, on a day that I will never forget, we went with some colleagues to offer condolences to someone who was recently bereaved. One of our brothers gave a sermon, asking Allah The Almighty to have mercy upon the deceased, and in the end, he said, "I ask Allah to let us live long enough to witness Ramadan." We greeted the family of the deceased.. More

  • Pursue Good Deeds in What Remains

    Ramadan is like age; it is short and passes by quickly. A wise person spends Ramadan engaged in doing what benefits him in the Hereafter -- not in being preoccupied with something else until it ends, and then regretting his inaction when regret will not bring about any benefit. Sometimes, a person may reach middle age before he wakes up from his heedlessness.. More

  • An Hour in the Company of The Beloved

    Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {They arise from [their] beds; they supplicate their Lord in fear and aspiration, and from what We have provided them, they spend. And no soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort for eyes as reward for what they used to do.} [Quran 32:16 -17] The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: "Whoeve.. More

  • 'I Respond to the Invocation of the Supplicant'

    It is no coincidence that the noble verse in which Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me.} [Quran 2:186] comes among the verses about fasting in Soorah Al-Baqarah to draw the attention of the whole Ummah.. More

  • A Teardrop in Ramadan

    I shed a teardrop in Ramadan over those who do not take into consideration the sacredness of this month, its virtues and merits. They not only receive it as they receive other months – with sins and blatant violations -- they even stray farther away from Allah The Almighty. They invent all types of sins and abominations, depriving themselves and.. More

  • Suffice Your Neighbor

    Indeed, Islam is the religion of establishing connection, harmony, brotherhood and cooperation among people, and it invites its people to love each other. It beseeches society to strengthen the ties between its individuals, whether they are young or old. It establishes relations among people on the basis of showing mutual mercy and affection, as stated.. More

  • He was hoping to fast this Ramadan with us!

    He was well and in good health. He was looking forward to the future with eager anticipation… looking forward to the next moment and what the future holds for him. The morning delivered a bright day that was shortly extinguished by the veils of night, which crept like a frightening ghost only to be struck by beams of light at dawn. This is.. More

  • Wise Sayings on the Remembrance of Death

    It is narrated that a Bedouin was on a trip when his camel dropped dead. He descended from the camel’s back and circled it saying: "Why don’t you get up? Why do you not come back to life? Your limbs are fine and your body is sound; what is the matter with you? What used to keep you going? What caused you to die? What made you stop moving?&quo.. More

  • What Leads to Punishment in the Grave?

    The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, instructed his nation to seek refuge from the punishment of the grave. He, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, said: "Seek Allah's protection from the punishment of the grave, since punishment of the Grave is a true." [At-Tabaraani] The punishment in the grave is the result of the sins committed.. More

  • What are the Signs of a Good End?

    A good end only comes to those who are inwardly and outwardly upon the straight path, and an evil end comes to those who are corrupt and sinful, remaining so until they die without repenting. There are signs of a good end, some of which are seen by the dying person as he is dying, and some which may be visible to other people. A good end means when.. More

  • Warriors of Repentance - II

    The good deeds of the repentant people: - The good deeds of the repentant people are very great, because when the repentant person leaves sins, Allah The Almighty rewards him by transforming his misdeeds into good ones. Allah The Exalted Says (what means): {Except for those who repent, believe, and do righteous work. For them Allah will replace their.. More

  • Warriors of Repentance – I

    Are there warriors of repentance? Of course, there are! When the soul responds to the temptation of disobedience and sin, the confrontation will be fierce in the battlefield of the soul to refine it by taking the road to repentance. When one finds that the road to repentance is full of hardship and trials that dissuade the repentant person from going.. More

  • Saving the Soul from Punishment in the Grave

    The famous book ‘Ar-Rooh’ (The Soul) by Imam ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy upon him, has a chapter exclusively on punishment in the grave, which begins with the words: "One might ask: what are the reasons behind some people being punished in the grave? There are two answers, a detailed one and a concise one. The concise answer.. More

  • Let's Not Overlook the Inner Dimension of Fasting

    There are certain juristic issues and spiritual matters related to fasting in Ramadan that most people are either unaware of or have no knowledge about, which may affect the outcome of their fasting. Thus, it is desirable to gain knowledge about these issues in order to avoid making mistakes out of ignorance or negligence. Purifying one's intention.. More

  • Is There any Who Will Take Admonition?

    Surely, death has agonies the extent and severity of which are known only by those who have experienced it. The dying person loses his voice and the ability to scream out in pain; death impairs his body and weakens his limbs and senses, and leaves him with no energy to ask for help. His color changes and each part of his body feels the misery of death.. More