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  • What Do You Prefer Over Your Lord?

    If you are distracted and fidgety while approaching Allah The Almighty, then, is it any wonder if Allah The Almighty does not draw close to you? If you approach Him lazily and listlessly, desirous of hastily finishing your acts of worship to return to the world, let me ask you: what could be better than staying in front of Him? What do you prefer to.. More

  • The Right Way of Supplicating Your Lord

    A person must repent of the sins between him and Allah The Almighty, and free himself from the wrongdoings between him and people in order to gain forgiveness from Allah The Almighty in Ramadan. No doubt, those sins and misdeeds deny the acceptance of supplications by Allah The Almighty. At the same time, the wrongdoings between a person and other people.. More

  • The Race for Good Deeds is On!

    When the verses that exhort men to hasten and compete with each other over doing good deeds were revealed, the Companions realized that they were addressed by them to hasten to Allah The Almighty, to compete, as if in a race. They hastened and competed with each other so much that if anyone of them was unable to do some act of righteousness or worship,.. More

  • The Best Preparation for Ramadan

    In view of the great importance of the days of Ramadan, it is incumbent on the faithful believers to prepare for them properly. The believers should be ready for it, insistent on attaining the means of forgiveness, regardless of the sacrifice. The first step is to know the aims they would like to achieve in this season, which could be the aims referred.. More

  • Taqwa: The Key to Paradise

    Taqwa (consciousness of Allah The Almighty) isa cause of the salvation of believers from Hell, as mentioned by the Lord The Almighty who Says (what means): {And there is none of you except he will come to it. This is upon your Lord inevitability decreed. Then We will save those who feared Allah.} [Quran 19:71-72] Furthermore, the protective alliance.. More

  • Striving for Forgiveness by Day and Night

    If a believer truly repents to Allah The Almighty and frees himself from the injustice between him and other people, and if he rectifies his relations with them, there can be nothing better for him. No doubt, as a narration says: "Dissonance between people is the shaver. I do not say that it shaves the hair, but I say that it shaves (destroys).. More

  • Stop Satan from Circulating in your Blood

    Fasting is a means to free and purify the soul, because it tightens the channels in which the devil circulates (in the body). It is known that the devil circulates and reaches everywhere the blood circulates and reaches. That is, he whispers to a person, induces him to be heedless and lazy when it comes to acts of obedience, withholding himself and.. More

  • Spend Without Fear for the Sake of Allah - II

    Spending, whether in Ramadan or at any other time, is one of the important issues which should be well understood by the believers. This understanding is based on one thing, that is, this religion is not for the misers. Niggardly souls that are not righteous themselves are not fit to establish religion in others. The souls which withhold property, effort.. More

  • Spend without Fear for the Sake of Allah - I

    Safwaan ibn Umayyah who was a disbeliever (before he embraced Islam) once said, "The Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, gave me what he had given me while he was the most hateful of people to me; and he continued to give to me until he became the dearest of all people to me." [Al-Bukhari] He gave him camels and sheep.. More

  • Spend Thirty Days in Paradise

    Those who seek the worldly life are indeed poor, because they depart from it without tasting the best thing in it. Had the kings and their sons been acquainted with the happiness we enjoy, they would have fought us with swords to get it. Sometimes one experiences pleasant moments when they say, "If the people of Paradise enjoy what we feel, they.. More

  • Repentance: The Gateway to Forgiveness

    Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {When the Victory of Allah has come and the conquest, And you see the people entering into the Religion of Allah in multitudes, then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever accepting of repentance.}[Quran 110:1-3] This Verse referred to the imminent end of the lifetime.. More

  • Race Against Time to Strive in the Cause of Allah

    The decisive careful person is the one who accustoms himself to striving, and is cautious not to let his lifetime pass by while he is heedless or sinful. Thus, the first lesson to be learnt from this state is to know how quickly a lifetime passes. Having realized this, a person will not postpone the work of today to the coming day, nor will he wait.. More

  • Questions to Ask Yourself After the First Ten Days of Ramadan‎

    A question arises while bidding farewell to the first ten days of Ramadan: What did these days record for us and what did they record against us? There are numerous other questions that come to mind: Do we live for the sake of our religion or do we live for ourselves? How much effort do we exert for our religion? To what extent do we care for our.. More

  • Make Hard Work Your Motto in Ramadan

    Hard work should be the slogan of the righteous people who do not like Ramadan to pass away before they take their reward. They would rather persist in this good state in order to receive their prize from their Lord, and obtain His forgiveness than enjoy the pleasures of this world. Thus, when they celebrate ‘Eed, they would have earned the right.. More

  • Invoking Allah The Almighty by His Greatest Name

    Tawassul means seeking intercession to Allah The Almighty by means of His beautiful Names and supreme attributes in response to His Saying (what means): {And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.} [Quran 7:180] Call upon Him by His Names: The Generous, The Beneficent, The Munificent, The Accepter of repentance, The Forgiver, The Powerful,.. More