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  • No end in sight for Egypt crackdown

    On the morning of October 31, 15-year-old Yomna Abu Eissa was wearing her school uniform and carrying her backpack when she was handcuffed and taken into custody in Alexandria, Egypt's second-biggest city . Her school uniform was ultimately replaced by the plain white garments worn by prisoners. In November, a court sentenced Yomna to 11 years in prison.. More

  • Iran accused of mistreating Afghan migrants

    A new Human Rights Watch report has criticized the Iranian government for ill-treatment of Afghan migrants, including the detention and deportation of thousands of Afghans each year. The report, Unwelcome Guests: Iran's Violation of Afghan Refugee and Migrant Rights, released at a Kabul press conference last week, calls for action by both Kabul and.. More

  • UNRWA: Israeli curbs halt Gaza projects

    The UN says it has halted work on all but one of its 20 building projects in the Gaza Strip as a result of an Israeli ban on importing building materials into the Palestinian territory. Israel imposed the ban after discovering on October 13 a 2.5km tunnel which it said "fighters planned to use for attacks inside its territory." "We.. More

  • Controversy as Palestinian prisoners freed

    Twenty-six Palestinian prisoners, some held in Israeli jails for more than two decades, were released to their families in a "gesture of good faith" by Israel's government. But critics say Tuesday's move should have been made decades ago under the Oslo Accords, and that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is milking the release for its own political.. More

  • Egypt tunnel closure costs Gaza millions

    Egypt's closure of tunnels used to smuggle goods into the Gaza strip has caused monthly losses of $230 million to its economy, a Hamas official has said. The "closure of the tunnels caused heavy losses to the industry, commerce, agriculture, transport and construction sectors" of about $230 million monthly, said Hatem Oweida, deputy economy.. More

  • UN: Refugee numbers at highest in 19 years

    The UN says there are now more refugees than at any time since 1994. Thousands of asylum-seekers, mainly from Afghanistan and the Middle East, head to Indonesia each year to make the dangerous voyage across the Indian ocean to Australia. They are seeking a new life, fleeing war, political unrest, and poverty. The influx of asylum-seekers is a major.. More

  • Occupation costs Palestinians 'billions'

    The Palestinian economy could expand by over a third if Israel were to lift its restrictions on about 60 percent of the West Bank that it controls, the World Bank said. "More than half the land in the West Bank, much of it agricultural and resource rich, is inaccessible to Palestinians," the World Bank said in a report released on Tuesday. "T.. More

  • Cruel exile for Syrian Palestinians

    Life in overcrowded refugee camps of Lebanon is proving difficult for Palestinians fleeing Syria. "We are discriminated against here. The Palestinians think we take their jobs and other things. But you see, here, we have nothing. We don't feel welcome." The Palestinian refugee from Syria sits in the single small room she occupies with her.. More

  • Little change for Bangladesh factory workers

    What once was her right arm is now just a stub lying limp next to her torso. She sits with a far-away look in her eyes and a sad smile. Morium Begum was working inside Rana Plaza when it collapsed, in what has been dubbed the deadliest garment factory accident in history. "I was stuck in the rubble for three days," said the 30-year-old. "There.. More

  • UN: Syrian refugee numbers cross two million

    More than two million Syrians have now fled their war-ravaged country, according to the UN refugee agency, marking the nearly 10-fold increase from a year ago. In addition to the two million Syrians living as refugees, another 4.25 million people have been displaced within the country since the regime crackdown began in March 2011, UN figures show. "Sy.. More

  • Survivors describe horrors of gas attack

    The early-morning barrage against opposition-held areas around the Syrian capital immediately seemed different this time: The rockets made a strange, whistling noise. Seconds after one hit near his home west of Damascus, Qusai Zakarya says, he couldn't breathe, and he desperately punched himself in the chest to get air. Meanwhile, in opposition-held.. More

  • Unrest in Egypt spells trouble for Gazans

    Visiting the Gaza Strip to join his Palestinian family during the Eid holiday has proven to be an unwise decision for Wael Salem, a 24-year-old engineering student. He didn't know he was putting his academic studies in Sweden at risk. Salem is stuck in Gaza because Egypt has closed the Rafah crossing point, the Palestinian enclave's main gateway not.. More

  • Israel prisoner release sparks re-arrest fear

    Palestinians fear many detainees scheduled for release will only have a brief taste of freedom. Dalia Hatuqa Last Modified: 12 Aug 2013 15:17 Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker Email Article Print Article Share article Send Feedback In 2011, 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were freed in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit [AFP/Getty Images] Ram.. More

  • 'Family size' protests at Egypt's Rabaa al-Adawiya

    Life hasn't settled down in Egypt, the state going through the most important days of its history. Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has left behind 36 days of demonstrations at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square which has become the center of attention of the world recently. Crowded groups, at times exceeding millions, are determined to continue their.. More

  • A new life in Aleppo amid snipers, missiles and explosives

    One of the most memorable objects from the Bosnian war two decades ago was the sign that said "Pazi Snajper" (Watch out, sniper). Hundreds of Bosnians were killed by snipers up in hidden posts around Sarajevo. Dozens of people collapsed in streets, shot dead silently. It was the "sniper death," which struck suddenly, coming out.. More