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  • Report demands US probe Yemen drone strike

    US policy on drone strikes has been questioned by a rights group who say a strike on a wedding procession killed civilians, not al-Qaeda fighters, as previously claimed by US officials. Rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a 28-page report on Thursday that said all the victims of a December 2013 drone strike were civilians, citing witnesses.. More

  • Children's rights ignored in Egypt crackdown

    Sara Atef was wearing her school uniform on the day she was arrested by riot police. The 16-year-old had become a regular sight at anti-government rallies organized by Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups in her hometown of 6 October city, a sprawling satellite development an hour's drive from central Cairo. Sara, who says her first experience of.. More

  • UN: Clashes in Iraq's Anbar displaced 300,000

    Violence in Iraq's Sunni-dominated Anbar province, where armed groups fully control one city and parts of another, has displaced up to 300,000 people in six weeks, the United Nations has said. The province has been hit by a surge in fighting between pro- and anti-government forces that began at the end of last year, as Iraq suffers its worst violence.. More

  • Civilian carnage surges in Afghanistan

    Wheeling himself out of the children's ward of Kabul's Emergency Surgical Centre for War Victims, Qasem appeared unmoved by the autumn sun and flowers he turned his wheelchair to face. "I'll never get better," the seven-year-old from Ghazni province said as his left leg protruded from the red-and-black wheelchair he has been relegated to.. More

  • Massacre reports put Rohingya on the run

    In the dusty Burmese village of Thet Kay Pyin, Rosia sits tending to her elderly, disabled mother on the floor of a dark bamboo hut. Eighty-year-old Feroza cannot feed herself, speak, or even sit up. Without Rosia's care she would be utterly helpless. The two women, both Rohingya Muslims, live together in Myanmar's western Rakhine state. In the past.. More

  • UN decries child abuse in Syria

    The United Nations has accused both sides to the Syria conflict of grave violations against children. Children caught in the Syrian war are being recruited as child soldiers, used as human shields, and tortured, according to a new UN report. The report, released on Tuesday, found that in the early stages of the nearly three-year conflict, the Syrian.. More

  • Millions at risk in the Sahel food crisis

    The UN is seeking $2bn this year to combat food insecurity in Africa's Sahel region, where 1.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes because of violence. UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos announced the appeal in Rome on Monday, saying "more people than ever" were at risk of hunger. The UN projects 20 million people to be at.. More

  • UN: At least 733 Iraqis killed in January

    The United Nations has said that at least 733 Iraqis were killed during violence in January, even when leaving out casualties from an embattled western province of Anbar. The figures issued on Saturday by the UN's mission to Iraq (UNAMI) show that 618 civilians and 115 members of the security forces were killed last month. Baghdad was the worst affected.. More

  • Syrian refugees focus on survival, not Geneva

    Thousands of displaced families living in Lebanon are focused on daily concerns rather than ‘peace talks’. As delegates meet in Geneva for a second time to discuss peace in Syria, Lebanese army tanks rolled past bullet-scared buildings in Tripoli's Sunni neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh. Watching them pass along Syria Street, men on the.. More

  • Report: Syria tortured and executed 11,000

    The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has systematically killed and tortured about 11,000 people, according to a reported based on the evidence of a defector and produced by three former international prosecutors. The report, commissioned by the government of Qatar and released on Tuesday, examined thousands of pictures said to have been smuggled.. More

  • UN: attacks on West Bank Palestinians on rise

    The number of attacks on Palestinians by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank has increased every year for the past eight years, according to figures from the United Nations. About 2,100 attacks have been launched by Israelis since 2006 and annual totals are up from 115 that year to 399 in 2013, according to the UN, which started counting such.. More

  • Nigerian Muslims urge government to 'redress injustices'

    Thousands of Nigerian Muslims on Sunday urged authorities to "redress the many injustices" against Muslims but reiterated readiness to work with Nigerians of other faiths for the benefit of their country. "We frown at the continued marginalization of the Muslims across the country and in Lagos," Prof Ishaq Oloyede, of the Nigerian.. More

  • Palestinians thirst for water treatment plant

    Khaled Sabra stands next to a broken cement wall across from his house in the Palestinian village of Bruqin. Last winter, the rains caused the stream running below the wall to rise until it overflowed, flooding Sabra's house and other homes in the center of the village. The water also carried sewage and industrial effluent from the Palestinian village.. More

  • Pakistan and US: Hand-in-hand on drone deaths

    While publicly condemning US drone attacks on its soil, evidence suggests Pakistani government complicity. Pakistan's government and political parties are once again up in arms over the latest drone strikes by the US in tribal areas. For years, Pakistani governments - both the quasi-military rule under former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf.. More

  • Amnesty: EU failing Syrian refugees

    European leaders should "hang their heads with shame" over their treatment of Syrian refugees fleeing the country's brutal crackdown, rights group Amnesty International has said. In a briefing, released on Friday, entitled; "An international failure: The Syrian refugee crisis", the rights group states that European Union (EU).. More