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  • Massacre reports put Rohingya on the run

    In the dusty Burmese village of Thet Kay Pyin, Rosia sits tending to her elderly, disabled mother on the floor of a dark bamboo hut. Eighty-year-old Feroza cannot feed herself, speak, or even sit up. Without Rosia's care she would be utterly helpless. The two women, both Rohingya Muslims, live together in Myanmar's western Rakhine state. In the past.. More

  • East Turkistan enters Ramadan under strict measures

    Following last week's incidents killing 35 in East Turkistan (Uyghur Autonomous Region), Muslims enter the holy month of Ramadan under strict security measures. With the increased security measures throughout the region, the central grand bazaar of the capital Urumchi isn't that much lively. Several Muslims in the capital are busy with Ramadan preparations. .. More

  • Ban on Palestinians living with spouses in Israel

    When Israeli Arabs search for a spouse, they don't just worry about looks, job prospects or future in-laws. They must think about whether their partner will be allowed to live with them. The problem is — many Israeli Arabs, who are ethnically Palestinians, want to marry Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza Strip. But relations between the.. More

  • UK Muslims face far-right revenge attacks

    The murder of a UK soldier has led to a spike in hate crimes targeting Muslims. British Muslims fear they could become “sitting targets” for far-right violence following a spate of attacks on mosques and a spike in other reported hate incidents in the week since the murder of a British soldier on a London street. The most serious attack.. More

  • Lives in limbo: Displaced Muslims in Myanmar

    Rights groups say the Rohingya in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar face some of the worst discrimination in the world. On a sweltering Sunday afternoon, Roma Hattu was rolling around on the bare concrete floor of the abandoned single-story building her family shares with three others behind Thetkepyin camp, breathing heavily and moaning. The 30-year.. More

  • Burmese officials filled mass graves with Muslims

    Burmese security forces organized and stood guard over Buddhist attacks on Muslim settlements before burying scores of bodies, some with their hands tied behind their backs, in mass graves, Human Rights Watch said in a report today. Evidence of official involvement in the massacres that left hundreds dead was gathered by HRW researchers at 27 different.. More

  • Rohingya refugees import 'mail-order' brides

    Young men who have found refuge in Malaysia after fleeing violence in Myanmar are covertly getting brides from home. Shamsul Alam, has dabbled as a tailor's assistant and construction worker since fleeing to Malaysia from his native Rakhine State in Myanmar. He recalls bitterly his grueling 12-14 hour work days on construction sites before grabbing.. More

  • The Hidden Genocide

    Earlier this year a Buddhist woman was raped and murdered in western Myanmar. The authorities ‘charged’ three Muslim men. A week later, 10 Muslims were murdered in a revenge attack. What happened next was hidden from the outside world. Bloodshed pitted Buddhists against minority Rohingya Muslims. Many Rohingya fled their homes, which.. More

  • Rohingya refugees streaming to Malaysia

    When 27-year-old Najumul Haq took to sea for the first time, he left behind all that he had ever known. Najumul is a Rohingya, born in Myanmar. For years, his family had run a sundry shop in the town of Maungdaw, on the country's western coast close to the border with Bangladesh. Travelling first to nearby Bangladesh, and then to a rendezvous with.. More

  • The harsh reality of China's Muslim divide

    The Muslim Hui are an anomaly in China, an ethnic minority granted significant autonomy and allowed to devoutly follow their religion in a region where Islam thrives. The ancient Silk Road trade route cut through what is today the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, luring Muslim traders from afar. Descendants of Arab and Persian merchants travelled here.. More

  • Nobody's people in a no-man's land

    In November 2007, Rohingya refugee Ali Ashraf paid dubious agents in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar town for a place in a big boat that was to take him to Malaysia via Thailand for a "good job" and a "secure future". Three weeks later, after a perilous journey across the choppy waters of the Bay of Bengal, Ashraf's boat was intercepted.. More

  • Attacks on US Muslims creates Eid worry

    Religious sites targeted before holiday, as congressman says 'radical' Muslims 'try to kill Americans every week'. On Thursday, a Palestinian American was visiting his father's grave at Muslim cemetery in Evergreen Park, a suburb southwest of Chicago, when he noticed graffiti written on the tombstones. Anti-Muslim graffiti were written on the tombs.. More

  • 'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya

    A recent journey to western Myanmar has revealed a provincial capital divided by hatred and thousands of its Muslim residents terrorized by what they say is a state-sponsored campaign to segregate the population along ethno-sectarian lines. Decades-old tension between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in coastal Rakhine state exploded with.. More

  • Report blasts Myanmar treatment of Rohingya

    Myanmar security forces have killed, raped or carried out mass arrests of Rohingya Muslims after deadly sectarian riots in the northeast in June, a rights group has said, adding the authorities had done little to prevent the initial unrest. Aid workers were blocked and in some cases arrested in a government crackdown on the largest group of stateless.. More

  • Scant compassion for Muslim Rohingya refugees

    Entering the Rohingya camps along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border is restricted. Officially they don't even exist, but in reality authorities ‘tolerate’ their presence. Bangladeshi official say there are about 300,000 unregistered Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar living in dismal and squalid conditions with no electricity or drinking.. More