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  • China's Uighurs look towards Turkey for help

    In recent months, cafes in Istanbul's working-class Zeytinburnu neighborhood have begun to attract growing numbers of young, ethnic Uighur men. Some speak quietly - wary of a rumored network of Chinese informants - about politics in their homeland, China's Xinjiang Province. "We were tortured and starved there," said Yusuf, now in his middle.. More

  • Despair prevails on Crimea on anniversary of Russian annexation

    A year after the Russian annexation of Crimea on Feb. 28, 2014, Crimean Tatars are still facing human rights abuses by Russian authorities. As the mistreatment of the defenseless minority has incessantly continued, the Crimean Turks Culture and Solidarity Association organized demonstrations on Saturday to protest Russian annexation of Crimea. A Muslim.. More

  • Converts to Islam increase after French attack

    According to a news article in, the number of people accepting Islam in France has increased significantly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, with imams reporting a growing number of people coming to take the Shahada at mosques. “It makes me want to go to Islam and to show everyone that this is not what Islam is about,” a young.. More

  • 80% of Uighur Muslims without water

    A water conservation project in a remote area of China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) begun two decades ago has yet to bring clean drinking water to the area, with only 750,000 people have access to clean water. According to a joint report by the Water Conservancy Office of southwestern Xinjiang’s Hotan (in Chinese, Hetian).. More

  • Muslim population in England and Wales growing

    Muslim population in England and Wales grows 75% in 10 years. More children and fewer elderly people help Muslim population grow faster than population overall, analysis of latest census data shows. The Muslim population of England and Wales almost doubled over a 10-year period, a new study reveals. The Muslim population is growing faster than the.. More

  • Italian Muslims aggressively monitored

    Wikileaks cables dated from 2005 reveal that the Muslim population were aggressively monitored with classified documents based on a private lunch at the US ambassador’s residence and involved the then Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu and Italy's Chief of Police Giovanni De Gennaro. The documents reveal that in the years prior to 2005,.. More

  • Islamophobic attacks increase rapidly in France

    At least 116 Islamophobic attacks on Muslims in France have been reported within two weeks of the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris, the National Observatory Against Islamophobia said Monday. According to the France-based observatory’s head Abdallah Zekri, attacks against Muslims in the country increased rapidly following the attack on the satirical.. More

  • UN: Muslims ethnically cleansed in CAR

    Christian militias in Central African Republic have carried out ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population during the country's ongoing civil war, but there is no proof there was genocidal intent, a United Nations commission of inquiry has said. "Thousands of people died as a result of the conflict. Human rights violations and abuses were committed.. More

  • UN calls for 'full Rohingya citizenship'

    The UN General Assembly has approved a resolution urging Myanmar to provide "full citizenship'' to its Rohingya Muslim minority and to allow them to move freely throughout the country. The resolution adopted by consensus on Monday, stressed the assembly's "serious concern'' about the government's treatment of the Rohingyas, sending a strong.. More

  • Thousands of Rohingya missing en route to Malaysia

    Thousands of Rohingya boat people who have left Myanmar in the past month have yet to reach their destinations, say relatives and an advocacy group for the persecuted minority, raising fears their boats have been prevented from reaching shore. About 12,000 Rohingya, a mostly stateless Muslim people, have left the western Myanmar state of Rakhine since.. More

  • China jails Imams in mass crackdown

    China has imprisoned almost two dozen people - mostly Muslim religious leaders - in the western region of Xinjiang, in a stepped up crackdown on "illegal religious activities", Chinese media reported. The 22 Imams were given prison terms ranging from five to 16 years at a mass public sentencing in Xinjiang on Monday, the state-run China News.. More

  • Crimean Tatars still insecure on anniversary of deportation

    Crimean Tatars commemorated on Sunday the 70th anniversary of their mass deportation under Soviet leader Josef Stalin, but feel insecure once again after Russia's annexation of Crimea in March through a controversial referendum. Stalin had accused the Tatars of collaborating with the German occupiers and exiled them to Central Asia in 1944. They.. More

  • Myanmar's Rohingya face a humanitarian crisis

    Ruk and Kun Suma were born five minutes apart on March 27 in a camp for displaced Rohingya in Rakhine State, a northwestern province of Myanmar. Their mother, an emaciated 40-year-old woman named Noor Begun, suffers from tuberculosis and is unable to breastfeed them. The family cannot afford milk either. For the first two weeks of their lives, Ruk and.. More

  • Crimean Tatars refuse to participate in referendum

    As Crimea’s parliament has voted to officially recognize the Tatar language to guarantee proportional representation in the republic’s legislative, the Crimean Tatars still refuse to participate in the referendum, which could have the region join Russia. According to the new act, the Crimean Tatar National Assembly and its bodies will be.. More

  • Iranian Sunnis complain of discrimination

    In a recent speech made in Iran's southern city of Bandar Abbas, President Hassan Rouhani asserted that his government has promised equal rights to Shia and Sunni Iranians. But human rights groups claim that Sunni Muslims' rights are being systematically violated in Iran. New York-based Human Rights Watch has said Iran's authorities discriminate against.. More