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  • ‘Democracy’ and slaughter in Burma

    By Ramzy Baroud While Western corporations are lining up leach Burma's natural resources, the "promise" of democracy now at hand, no one is talking about the genocidal violence the country's Muslim Rohingyas are facing. The widespread killings of Rohingya Muslims in Burma (or Myanmar) have received only passing and dispassionate coverage.. More

  • Rohingya: Stateless and 'Friendless' in Myanmar

    Decades of discrimination have left the Muslim Rohingya stateless, scattered around the globe and viewed by the United Nations as among the most persecuted minorities on the planet. About 800,000 Rohingya live in Myanmar, according to the UN, mostly in western Rakhine state, which has been swept by fierce sectarian violence in recent days. Speaking.. More

  • Amnesty International finds anti-Muslim bias in Europe

    Human rights group Amnesty International says Muslims who openly show their faith suffer widespread discrimination in Europe. In a new report, the group urges Europe's governments to do more to challenge negative stereotypes and prejudices against Muslims. In particular, it says Muslims face exclusion from jobs and education for wearing traditional.. More

  • Israel’s second-class citizens

    Israeli authorities have basically ignored a court order in June 2011 to provide Bedouin communities with water, just as Jewish Israelis are. Between 80,000 and 90,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel live in unrecognized villages in the southern Negev, according to a report by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. As a result of their unrecognized.. More

  • Deadly drones come to the Muslims of the Philippines

    Early last month, Tausug villagers on the Southern Philippine island of Jolo heard a buzzing sound not heard before. It is a sound familiar to the people of Waziristan who live along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, where the United States fights the Taliban. It was the dreaded drone, which arrives from distant and unknown destinations to cause death.. More

  • Ogaden Somalis file Ethiopia ICC complaint

    The Ogaden Somali Community in South Africa has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging an investigation into the actions of the Ethiopian government against the Ogaden people. In a statement released on Tuesday on behalf of the community, a South African media advocacy group, Muslim Review Network, called on ICC authorities.. More

  • Palestinians in a 'Jewish state'

    By: Ben White Israel's crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories - like the settlements, the killing of civilians and the demolition of homes - are openly condemned in the West by human rights groups and others like never before. But as the peace process remains stuck, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu forces the issue of Israel as.. More

  • 'Europeanization' of the Balkans?

    Leon Trotsky, the most prominent figure of the Russian Revolution of 1917 after Lenin, was sent to cover the Balkan War as a war correspondent by the Russian newspaper Kievskaya Misl. In the Fall of 1912, Trotsky entered the areas populated by Muslims after the retreat of the Ottoman armies and was shocked by the massacres: "[T]he komitadjis (Bulgarian/.. More

  • Mindanao Peace Process in a State of Limbo

    When newly-elected Philippine President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III addressed the Filipinos in his inaugural speech in June 2010, he announced that his regime was committed to resolve the conflict in Mindanao. Indeed, in his subsequent maiden speech before the joint session of the two Houses of the new Philippine Congress as well as pronouncement.. More

  • Racism on the rise in Europe

    In the wake of the atrocities in Norway perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik, it is still unclear whether he was part of a wider conspiracy, but alarm bells are now ringing across Europe about the threat from far-right extremist groups. With no end in sight to the economic crisis afflicting many nations, the growing fear is that voters are increasingly.. More

  • French face veil ban comes into force

    A controversial ban on face veils has come into force in France, meaning anyone wearing the Muslim Niqab or Burqa in public will face a fine of up to $216 and a citizenship course. A number of Muslims are urging women to defy the ban, including a property dealer who is offering to sell a building worth millions in order to fund his campaign. Rachid.. More

  • Crimean Tatars fear for future

    Ukraine's Muslim minority say anti-Tatar propaganda increasing under pro-Russian government. "I've already been here for 960 days, and today is the 961st," said the weather-beaten Tatar man, squinting beneath the powerful Crimean sun. Seydamet Smailov has spent almost three years living alone in a dilapidated cabin by the side of a busy.. More

  • Kosovo's uncertain future

    Kosovo may have declared independence in 2008, but for the past two and half years it has been unable to enjoy many of the trappings of full statehood. Thursday's ruling from the International Court of Justice allowed ethnic Albanian Kosovars to breathe a sigh of relief. They knew that if their independence declaration been deemed illegal, further.. More

  • France to vote on veil ban

    France's lower house of parliament is due to vote on whether to ban the public wearing of the face-covering veil worn by some Muslim women. The controversial bill is likely to be passed by deputies on Tuesday and the Senate will probably follow suit in September. Only three members of the Green party are expected to vote against the ban, while the.. More

  • North Caucasus "at risk" of mass civilian killings by Russia

    A military strike by Russia against fighters in its North Caucasus region is much more likely this year than last and would threaten the lives of scores of civilians, a report showed on Tuesday. Conflict has escalated in the past year in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. The attacks that killed 40 on the Moscow metro last month turned the global.. More