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  • Palestinian hunger strikes: Media missing in action

    Can anyone doubt that if there were more than 1,500 prisoners engaged in a hunger strike in any country in the world other than Palestine, the media in the West would be obsessed with the story? Such an obsession would, of course, be greatest if such a phenomenon were to occur in an adversary state, such as Iran or China, but almost anywhere it would.. More

  • Slamming the door to justice on Palestinians

    Israel's ability to commit crimes against Palestinians with impunity relies on international complicity. There is a determined international effort to ensure that Palestinians are shut out of every legal forum where they could pursue justice for Israel's crimes against them. Nothing illustrates this better than the horrifying case of the Samouni massacre. L.. More

  • White House: Drone Strikes ‘Legal and Ethical’

    Obama Aide: Constitution Makes Strikes Lawful Anywhere on Planet Fresh off of an interview yesterday in which he shrugged off civilian killings in the US drone war, top White House adviser John O. Brennan was ordered to provide more “openness” on the program at a speech today in Washington. This time, Brennan centered on the legality of.. More

  • A Game of Drones

    America’s recent foreign policy has been enabled by a central idea: the United States does things differently. It wages wars differently. It suspends habeas corpus sparingly and with great restraint. It encroaches on liberties more gingerly. And it puts military men and women at risk with a respectful selectivity. To advance this mythology, the.. More

  • Syria’s forgotten refugees

    It was 21 February 2006. The date is etched in Samia’s mind. She was in her kitchen making tea for her brother’s family, who was visiting her at her home in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, when gunfire broke out in the sitting room. “It was as if there was a war in my home,” she recounted. She could not move; could not breathe;.. More

  • Europe no sanctuary for Afghan asylum seekers

    As Afghanistan's army was beginning to assume a more active combat role in 2007 - and as suicide bombings and opium production hit record highs - Omar thought a move to Europe would make his life safer. Instead, as with the 300 Afghans who marched in Stockholm that year to demand their rights to asylum, the 19-year-old would realize the journey to.. More

  • Displaced Afghans left out in cold

    Every day 400 Afghans become internally displaced, according to Amnesty International. At that rate, more than 2,500 Afghans were left homeless in the week of violent protests that swept the country recently over the burning of copies of the Noble Quran at the US-led Bagram airbase. They joined the ranks of internally displaced people (IDPs), already.. More

  • Drone Warfare and Accountability

    Fazillah, age 25, lives in Maidan Shar, the central city of Afghanistan’s Wardak province. She married about six years ago, and gave birth to a son, Aymal, who just turned five without a father. Fazillah tells her son, Aymal, that his father was killed by an American bomber plane, remote-controlled by computer. That July, in 2007, Aymal’s.. More

  • Ignoring court, Israeli officials bulldoze Palestinian homes

    It was a dark and stormy night in the village of Tha’lah. Israeli “civil administration” officials arrive at the hut of a local shepherd, ordering the entire family to vacate their house within one minute. But wait, the owner has official documentation from the Israeli High Court of Justice, an interim order requiring the civil administrati.. More

  • Veto power at the UN Security Council

    The United Nations Security Council has 15 members, but only its five permanent members - the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and Russia - hold the power to impose a veto on the council's resolutions. In the most recent example of this power being exercised, Russia and China voted against a draft resolution that would have condemned.. More

  • Israel as world's first bunker state

    By Jonathan Cook The wheel is turning full circle. Last week the Israeli parliament updated a 59-year-old law originally intended to prevent hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees from returning to the homes and lands from which they had been expelled as Israel was established. The purpose of the draconian 1954 Prevention of Infiltration Law.. More

  • India: Malnutrition becomes 'national shame'

    Geeta, a 27-year-old mother of three, living on the outskirts of the national capital region looks vacant at the queries of malnourishment. For her, gathering cereals for the two square meals of her family is a luxury. Her four-year-old daughter, the youngest of her children, looks too tiny for her age - about which Geeta seems blissfully unaware. Fighting.. More

  • Iraq: A country in shambles

    As a daily drum beat of violence continues to reverberate across Iraq, people here continue to struggle to find some sense of normality, a task made increasingly difficult due to ongoing violence and the lack of both water and electricity. During the build-up to the US-led invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration promised the war would bring Iraqis.. More

  • New 'parallel revolution' against corruption

    As the year of revolution draws to a close, a new "parallel revolution" against corruption is emerging in Yemen. Over the past two weeks strikes have spread across the country and are proving effective, leading to the hope that this Yemeni uprising of 2011 can truly bring change to the Arab world’s poorest country. The chant of "Irhal,.. More

  • Kuwaiti families in legal limbo at Guantanamo

    Fatimah Al Kandari has not seen her son Fayiz Al Kandari in more than 10 years, but her thoughts are possessed by him. She sees Fayiz in every face. She thinks she hears him at times speaking to her. There is no room for anything else in Fatimah Al Kandari's life but her son. Soad Abdul Jaleel feels the same way. When she last saw her son Fawzi Al.. More