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  • Praying in Urban Areas to Other Than Qiblah Direction: One Must Repeat Prayer Date: 12-2-2021

    I prayed at a job without knowing the qiblah, so I faced a wall since I didn't know where the qiblah was. I could have done more to find it, since a mosque was five minutes away. I intend on repeating these prayers. Later I pictured the mosque in my head and imagined where the qiblah was and prayed in that direction a number of prayers. Later.. More

  • Issue of Voluntary Night Prayer When One Is Very Tired Date: 12-2-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum. I have been performing Tahajjud prayer and continuing it. But there are some nights when I feel very tired and sleepy when I wake up yet I pray Tahajjud prayer because as far as I know that one should not miss it once he starts to continue it. Is it okay to sleep if I feel very tired, and should I perform qaja if I don't wake up. .. More

  • Pimples That Flow on Their Own Are Pardoned But One Has To Rub Facial Hair (Cheeks, Lips, and Eyebrows) Date: 12-2-2021

    My hair was full of dandruff, one day, I tried to eliminate it (maybe I did that for water reaching my skin the next time I did gusl). My mother told me that I had some scratches and dried blood. I looked myself and I am not sure if it is really blood (I think it is the usual pimples that appear in scratches or/and the redness of the skin) and I am.. More

  • Joining a Mixed Society Committee: Must Avoid Free Intermixing Date: 12-2-2021

    I go to a mixed university (the universities in my country are all mixed). I don't join the university Islamic society committee mainly because there is lots of free mixing. But would it be permissible for me to join if I can manage to avoid the free mixing and just focus on my own roles? .. More

  • Fermented Sugarcane and Erythritol in Food Date: 12-2-2021

    Alsalam Alikom Is Fermented sugarcane Reb MAnd Erythritol halal to consume.Jazakum Allah khairan .. More