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  • Abu ‘Ali Mustafa: The Biggest Prey for Israel

    Abu ‘Ali Mustafa, who was assassinated by the Israeli army on April 15, 2001 C.E. in Ramallah, led the military operations of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, before he became its general-secretary in July 2000 C.E., succeeding its historic leader Dr. George Habash. Abu ‘Ali Mustafa, 63, was considered among the pragmatists.. More

  • Israeli violations of Palestinian education in one year

    • Killing 97 students and injuring 2151 others • 6 schools closed by military orders • Disrupting education in another 66 schools • Bombarding 59 schools and attacking 23 schools • Conversion of 3 schools into military barracks. The Palestinian Ministry of Education lost 97 students who were martyred since the outbreak.. More

  • The destiny of Israel - II

    The formation of the Hebrew state in 1948 was accompanied by a serious identity crisis that has not been settled until today. This crisis is summarized in the following questions: What are the characteristics of citizenship in this state? Are they national, religious, political or regional (loyalty to the homeland)? What is the status of the non-Jewish.. More

  • The destiny of Israel - I

    The Zionist project was born a century ago, and the declaration of the establishment of the Hebrew state followed its birth by 50 years. Since then, the Arabs have been talking about the crisis of the Zionist project and its state. Although this crisis is an unequivocal reality, it has been noticed that the Arabs sufficed with speeches hoping that.. More

  • Assassination of Palestinian Children by Rabbis' Verdicts - I

    A Palestinian girl translates the suffering of the children of Palestine in a comprehensive study A study conducted by a 13-year-old Palestinian girl Yasmeen Ghassaan Shamlaawi, from the city of Nablus revealed interesting and distinctive facts about the plight of Palestinian children. Suffering at the hands of the occupation like other Palestinian.. More

  • Assassination of Palestinian Children by Rabbis' Verdicts - II

    Scene no. 3 On June 14, 2007, Palestinian medical sources reported the death of five Palestinian children and the injury of a number of children from one family – the family of Abu Matrood -- in an Israeli artillery bombardment of Ash-Shawka region east of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. They arrived at Abu Yoosuf An-Najjaar Hospital with their body.. More

  • Israel: An Exception in International Standards

    For decades, Israel has formed an exceptional state in international relations. Despite being a small country in terms of population, area and capabilities, Israel enjoys extensive relations at the international level. Although it depends on the United States militarily, politically, economically and technologically, the US administration pays more.. More

  • Liberated Palestinian Captive tells Story of nine-year Suffering - I

    Nine years of the life of Raami Ezzat Al-Barghoothi (29 years) were laden with suffering, the pains of prison and the tyranny of the jailer, because imprisonment today means humiliation, suppression, and penalties. “When I was in prison, I witnessed the difficult conditions of some of our fellow prisoners. The conditions in these prisons today.. More

  • Liberated Palestinian Captive tells Story of nine-year Suffering - II

    Get off the bus, you will stay here! September 8, 2003 was the hardest day in Raami’s imprisonment experience, and it was a painful day for his family, fiancée, fellow prisoners and even his jailers. Rami described this situation saying, “We were following the developments of the exchange deal between the occupation government and.. More

  • Life Under Occupation

    She was holding a banknote in her right hand and her young sister in the other hand on her way to a store where there was a tank. This tank is one of more than one hundred and fifty Israeli tanks currently stationed in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank, as part of the largest Israeli military offensive in twenty years. Ghadeer lives in one of the.. More

  • Snakes Eject Nothing but Venom

    The cruelties and severe suffering undergone by the people of Gaza and their perseverance reflect a brand of Gazan and Palestinian distinction with honors. It is a form of excellence recorded for posterity for the people of Palestine. Surely, no other people in the world have suffered like them, historically and geographically. Nevertheless, the tremendous.. More

  • The Talmud

    The word "Talmud" is derived from the Hebrew root Lmd, which means to study and learn as in the phrase "Talmud Torah", i.e. Study of Divine Law. The Talmud is one of the most important religious books of the Jews, which is the main product of the oral divine law or the rabbis' interpretation of the written law (Torah). The Talmud.. More

  • Palestinians and the 'Jewish state'

    Avigdor Lieberman is at it again. The right-wing Israeli foreign minister wants the Palestinian Authority (PA) to effectively accept the expulsion of Palestinian-Israelis (or Israeli-Arabs as they are known inside Israel) as part of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Speaking to a government committee on Sunday, Lieberman said that the guiding.. More

  • Israeli abuse pictures 'common'

    Israeli soldiers are routinely taking degrading photographs of dead and captured Palestinians and posting them on the internet, human rights groups have said. The claims come a day after the Israeli military attempted to quell controversy over photographs showing a female soldier posing provocatively with blindfolded Palestinian detainees. The Israeli.. More

  • Israel accused of sexual child-abuse

    An international children's rights charity has said it has evidence that Palestinian children held in Israeli custody have been subjected to sexual abuse in an effort to extract confessions from them. The Geneva-based Defense for Children International (DCI) has collected 100 sworn affidavits from Palestinian children who said they were mistreated.. More