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  • The balancing act: work and home

    In this day and age, we see more and more Muslim women entering the world of work. Sometimes this is out of necessity; sometimes it is due to the woman’s need to contribute to society in some way or to use the knowledge and skills that she has acquired. In other instances, it is due to the wishes of a spouse, parent, or other family members... More

  • Mary: An Inspiration for All Times

    Many non-Muslims get surprised when they hear Muslims speak of their respect and love of Mary, the mother of Jesus, may Allaah exalt their mention. Revering Mary and believing in Jesus, her son, as a Messenger of God—and not His son—is an essential part of the Muslim faith. The Quran portrays Mary as a very devout woman whose belief in.. More

  • Social Relations of the Family

    Carefulness and Moderation; Amity and Dutifulness Although the family is an independent entity that has its unique characteristics, needs and traits, it is, at the same time, an entity in a large set of adjoining waves of families and individuals. No particular family is alone in the arena; rather, it is effected by and interacts with anything that.. More

  • Be What You Want Your Child To Be

    These are words that should be addressed to parents and mentors in order to achieve a general benefit: Whoever likes his child to be something, should first be that something. Be a positive role model: Dear parent, your child is attached to you. You are his role model and leader and the basic moral benchmark on which he depends in all that he does... More

  • It’s all in a hug

    Kids aren't mind readers, but they are capable of reading our body language When we hear about the tragedies in the world, or about all of the people and children hurt in the worn-torn countries found all around the world; the millions of children who are starving to death or dying of illnesses ...we each should be much, much more thankful to our Creator.. More

  • Follow their Footprints

    There have been people who insisted on leaving their imprints on life, and this is why history has immortalized their mention. They formed the civilization of their Ummah (nation); their renaissance became a source of goodness and light for the entire world, and they were the lanterns which lit the way for the West during their age of darkness. Al-Hasan.. More

  • To win the satisfaction of your Lord

    Praising Ismaa‘eel (Ishmael), may Allah exalt his mention, Allah The Exalted Says (what means): {And mention in the Book Ismaa‘eel (Ishmael). Indeed, he was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet. And he used to enjoin on his people prayer and Zakah and His Lord was satisfied with him.} [Quran 19: 54-55] Do you want your.. More

  • Curing Aggressive Behavior in Children

    The process of upbringing is a sublime undertaking, because it helps in the formation and development of the human character. This sublime endeavor requires much effort, patience, perseverance, and wisdom in order to fulfill and carry it out. It becomes more challenging when it deals with solving the psychological problems of children, such as aggressiveness... More

  • Early Childhood: The Best Period to Build Faith

    The early years— we do not exaggerate if we say the early moments— of the child’s life are the best and most important periods to build up the aspects of faith in the child and instill the creed of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism) and knowing Allah, the Almighty, in him. Therefore, the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, instructed.. More

  • Obscenity – the Root of Evil and Sins

    There is no doubt that a virtuous person does not find it easy to utter obscenities lest he or she expose him/herself to the Wrath of Allah The Almighty and disgrace in the eyes of people. Although vulgarity is certainly dispraised and forbidden, foul words indeed abound. Motives behind this behavior Obscenity originates from wickedness and ignobility... More

  • Points to Ponder: The True Purpose of Life

    Since we are on the path to developing greater righteousness and a better level of faith, let us consider some important points and. explain some important concepts and constants, then – Allah willing – we will state together the importance of paying attention to them. The purpose of life We often read the saying of Allah The Almighty.. More

  • The Different Ranks of People Who Fear Allah

    The Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and the righteous Salaf, (predecessors) may Allah have mercy upon them were extremely fearful of Allah, The Almighty. For instance, Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, had two dark lines under his eyes due to the extent of his crying; ‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, once recited.. More

  • The woman’s educational status in Islam

    Islam is a religion that is closely related to science, acquiring knowledge, learning and teaching. It is enough to remember that the first word in the constitution of Islam – the Quran - that regulates Muslims’ life and legislates for them is…“Read…” In principle, seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim.. More

  • Tips for a Happy Marriage

    1- Make your wife happy and you will be happy: You must give to take. This is one of the laws of life, and if you give happiness to your wife, you will receive happiness. You should know that the first one to benefit from your wife’s happiness is you. That is because if you succeed in making her happy, she will spare no effort to make you.. More

  • Idle talk

    Praise be to Allah, The Almighty, Who created man in a balanced form. He inspired and adorned him with the beautifying light of faith and taught him eloquence and made him a pioneer and superior being, providing him with a tongue to articulate what is in his heart. Truly, from among the greatest blessings of Allah, The Almighty, the tongue, is one.. More

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