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  • The Ruling on Making Supplication for Increase in Height and Physical Strength Date: 17-8-2022

    I'm a 15 year old boy and I would like to know the ruling on making dua for height and physical strength (like strong wide limbs and legs) at 15 years old because am very thin and quite short for my age and I really like sports but my body isn't helping at all, am grateful that am not disabled and that am healthy but there are benefits of being tall.. More

  • How to Treat Addiction to Pornography Date: 15-8-2022

    Asalaamu alaikum. I am someone who is addicted to porn. I have tried many ways to come out of it, but still sometimes I go back to it. These days I started texting a foreigner online. Talking to him helps me mitigate my urges to watch porn. I have never seen him nor talked to him. All I know is he is a muslim. I have got attached to him and I want to.. More

  • Maintaining Ties of Kinship Date: 15-8-2022

    How to uphold ties with the non mahram relatives like first cousins and in-laws ?My family thinks I am extreme because I only say Salaam and talk to them when there is a need and I believe we have to help them when there are financially not good or give them gifts through my mother to connect ties.Please evidences from the Qur'an and Authentic Hadith .. More

  • Marital Problems Date: 31-7-2022

    Alsalam alaikum. I have a problem where I need help and guidance. I was married to a man from a different culture and everyone was happy for us. Then in two years I had many problems, he hits me, lying, my parents also I told them and he had problems with them. And I’m originally Arab as he is but I am born and raised up in Europe. So my family after.. More

  • Marital Problems Date: 31-7-2022

    As´salam-o-Alikum,For the past couple of months I have developed trust issues with my wife. I have this constant feeling that she is hiding something from me. I have stoped so low as to check her phone for messages and the history of few of her regular conversations with her friends from school is deleted. This raises my suspicions that she is hiding.. More

  • Ruling on the Promise made to Allah Date: 31-7-2022

    I want to ask a question based on making a promise to Allah. I made a promise to Allah that I will never make out with a male again but a male pecked on the neck I did not know he was going to do that and I did not like what he did. I want to know if I have broke my promise with Allah .. More

  • Directions on Giving Advice Date: 25-7-2022

    Asalaam aleykum.I want to know if it is permisble to work as a "student advisor/counsellor" in the west if it includes for example:Giving advise on which education program or collage to choose.OrHelping them to find a working place where they can practice (to get working experience)What if a student wants to study for example music, or something that.. More

  • Advising Non-Muslims Date: 25-7-2022

    If I hear a non Muslim swear, or backbite or do any other sin do I have to telll them not to do it? And am I assisting in sin if I help carry haram foods for my non Muslim mother to eat? .. More

  • Actions Committed before Puberty Date: 22-6-2022

    I have touched my baby cousin inappropriate when I was 12 this happened more than 20 years ago. I was sexually abused myself from when I was baby. It was less than a minute and never done it again. How do I repent for this? My cousin knows nothing, if I tell what happened or how I tried to inappropriately touch him so many years ago it will destroy.. More

  • Supplicating Allah while Being Certain of the Answer Date: 20-6-2022

    I am fat and I eat junkfood and my dad has diabetes, doctors say in many years higher chance I can get diabetes also, alhmadulilah i am happy I don't and will not change my diet or weight and since many like my dad have diabetes and live, and being fat and eating fried food is not haram right? They say online fat people who eat fried food have lower.. More

  • Providing Hospitality to non-Muslim Guests Date: 20-6-2022

    I married an Indian Muslim and live in India. My question is, is it permissible to receive Hindu families at home and talk for hours, knowing that their women are clothed and naked? My other question is is it permissible for a Muslim to seclude himself with a woman in a café under the pretext of work, knowing that she is not veiled no hijab. My best.. More

  • Saying ‘I Will Pray Regularly’ Is Not an Explicit Wording of a Vow Date: 12-5-2022

    As-salaam alykum sheikhMany years ago, before I knew what nadhr and oaths were and their rulings, I was talking to myself (while moving my lips) and I said something like "I will always pray 10 minutes after the azaan unless if I am in a congregation"; is this a binding vow which I should carry on forever and there is no expiation for it? JazakAllah.. More

  • Feels Jealous when He Sees Someone Doing Something Date: 11-4-2022

    How to know the feeling that you have is envy. sometimes I feel something similar to jealousy when I see someone doing something that is of good standards, and immediately I say allahuma barik. Q1) Is me saying alahuma barik even when I get this sense of feeling prevent evil eye from falling into that person? Q2)what should I do if I constantly get.. More

  • Listening to the Adhkar Does Not Substitute for Reciting Them Date: 29-3-2022

    I don’t know how to speak much arabic, but I want to receive the reward of reciting morning and evening adhkar. Can I listen to a recording of them to receive the rewards if I understand what is being said? .. More

  • Is It Backbiting to Say That Someone Was Smoking Date: 27-3-2022

    A person was smoking in the room and I saw him doing thatNext day another person asks me what he was doing yesterday in that room If I say he was smoking then it's geebah How to answer these kind of questions .. More