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  • Tawriyyah with the Tongue and in Writing and Clarification of Some Other Expressions Date: 19-10-2021

    Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. Dear Shaikh, may I ask a question. Is ambiguous speech (tawriya; التورية) acceptable on writing, not speaking, e.g.. not face to face but doing tawriya from online massage? E.g : I write, “Man does not judging but God judge.”, which I intend to mean, “democratic is not allowed, don't follow men.. More

  • Modesty and Some Other Issues Date: 19-10-2021

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I have read your article on islamweb on modesty(hayaa). Can you please give examples of natural modesty? Immortality is common in America. A person writes "First, many people would not regard drug use, porn production, divorce, out of wedlock kids, or prostitution "immoral" at all. ...". What I mean by examples.. More

  • The Statement in the Question Is Not a Vow Date: 19-10-2021

    If one says (with no intention to make a vow), "I shall fast for one day with the purpose of making Allah happy", would his saying be considered a vow? .. More

  • His Heart Was Torn Apart as He Discovered Illicit Relationship of His Wife Date: 19-10-2021

    Assalamalekum, I have been married for 10 years to my wife, we have 2 children, a daughter (4.5 years) And a son (3 years old). My wife had stopped loving me since some years coz of financial problems, She always complained about my low salary that I could not afford a better living, so she was also a working woman, we had a family friend (who is also.. More

  • Sending Messages or Contacting a Person Who Has Forbidden Applications on Her Mobile Phone Date: 19-10-2021

    Assalamualaikum Can i send text messages to a friend who has sinful app on her phone ? Am i get sin if i send txt messages to her ? .. More

  • Made Too Many Vows and Did Not Fulfil Them Date: 17-10-2021

    Sheikh,I had ask this question earlier in question no.2800467,but to my suprise you referred me to a fatwa that does not even correlate with that.Here is the question again: I had made too many vows to Allaah,some of them, which I know the rulings on vows and other i am ignorant of those rulings.Most of it were unfufilled and i have decided to repent.What.. More

  • Interpretation of the Dream in Verse 8:43 Date: 16-10-2021

    As-salaamu 'alaykum.I have read that the dreams of Prophet peace be upon him are all truth.In surah 8:43 Prophet peace be upon him saw the army of Abu Jahl few in number, but there where much bigger. Can you please explain it, beacuse seems like contradiction?Jazakallah .. More

  • Sister Complains about Her Boss Everyday: Is It Backbiting? Date: 14-10-2021

    Aa.Usually my sister complains about her boss in the office everyday.She talks about how she treated her,her behaviour etc but she is not ready to leave the work yet,is this a form of backbitting? .. More

  • Parents Ordering Son to Divorce His Wife: Shaafi’i View Date: 4-10-2021

    If a man’s parents compel him to divorce his wife, should he obey them?What is the view of Madhab As Shafi’ee .. More

  • Repentance from Lying Date: 20-9-2021

    How to repent if i lied against myself to my own family while they believed in me instead i broke their trust and promises?Is there any kaffarah for this?And is repenting to Allah(swt) enough or i have to expose my lies? .. More

  • Father Is Reluctant to Buy a Mobile Phone or Wrist Watch For His Son and The Latter Is Depressed Because of This Date: 16-9-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum ; My father is a doctor . He gets a good amount of salary , but he does not like spending money on me happily . After a lot of requests and begging he buys me some clothes and shoes and that too of low quality . He gives me just Rupees 600 ( i.e around 8 dollars) per month as pocket money . I need to cover everything from this small.. More

  • Enjoying Looking at Imaginary Women Date: 9-9-2021

    After I stop gaze at women for the sake of Allah SWT ,I still remember the sin.So for sometime,I may accidently form an image in my head the exact women that i gaze before and i feel this sense of enjoyment(the same feeling that i have when i gaze an actual women).So,i am enjoying that imaginary women to the extent that i release the madhi from my private.. More

  • His Sister Harms Him and Treats Him with Arrogance Date: 8-9-2021

    As Salaamu AlaikumI have one elder sister who sometimes talk with me arrogantly and due yo this we fight with each other and I always apologize on the end due to which she is not changing her arrogant behaviour and I thought not to say sorry.Is this the right thing to do? .. More

  • Vowed to Fast 30 Days If She Breaks Her Oath Date: 5-9-2021

    Asalamu aleikum may Allah accept your deeds I had a question plz help me I took an oath that I will fast for 30 days if I watch dirty things but don't remember if I send conservatively. I broke my oath by watching it. I always took an oath of fasting 30 days for doing another bad deed. And I did it and that is 60 days of fasting, what should I do I.. More

  • Saying ‘I Wish I Had Not Committed the Sin’ Is Not Dispraised Date: 5-9-2021

    As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhMy question is If a person commits a sin and then repents from it. But he/she regrets that sin he/she committed and wishes that he/she didn’t commit that sin in the first place. So that wish of he/she has, of not commenting that sin in the first place, is it fall under the category of saying “if only.. More