3168 fatwas

  • Her father gave some money to her to pursue studies abroad. Is it considered a debt? Date: 27-9-2023

    My name is Yasmine. I graduated last year and had the opportunity to pursue my studies abroad (PhD in the United States) it was funded but I needed a certain amount of money to cover the traveling expenses. My father gave it to me. Is it considered a debt? .. More

  • He borrowed some money from his mother and his mother has died, what should he do? Date: 17-9-2023

    I borrowed some money from my mother and my mother has died, so what can I do? Give me an answer from an Islamic point of view and also ahdees reference please.Cordially, .. More

  • Ruling on working in a store that sells silk ties Date: 13-9-2023

    I work in a men’s suit store as a sales consultant and there are silk items tie and bow tie that say 100% silk customer may want. I live in Canada and have put so many resumes and the job is near my house. Please advise There are also red clothes but not pure red for example different colour labelling. .. More

  • Borrowing from the money that is entrusted to you Date: 12-6-2023

    Assalamu alaikum. My uncle gave my father some money as advance to build a house for him (Uncle) . I needed a laptop. So my father used this money to buy me a laptop intending that he will repay it after sometime. I have three questions related to this matter: 1. Is it a sin if my father uses this money without my uncle's permission?2. Some scholars.. More

  • Defects in the Commodity Must Be Made Clear to the Buyer Date: 12-6-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum,If someone is repairing mobile phones and selling them and when they repair the back of the phone a bit of the waterproof capability is lost . Does this person need to include it in the phone description for resale and if they don't is their income haraam?JazakAllah. .. More

  • Conditions of Repairing Scooter on One-Year Warranty Date: 23-5-2023

    I bought a scooter that didn't work after some time it had a one-year warranty. My father was on the phone with the company for repair I think he lied for no-cost repair (I heard the battery didn't come under the one-year warranty which apparently was in need of repair) he said he was charging it regularly and it was like twenty days since the scooter.. More

  • University Grants and Students’ Loans in Western Countries Date: 22-5-2023

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته A person is in university and has got in due to taking a riba based tuition fee loan. There’s also free mixing that occurs in the Uni and other Har?m that he tries to avoid. If this person gets bursary/scholarship money from the Uni is this money halal? As he is a student due to paying a riba.. More

  • Giving Power of Attorney to One Son during Father’s Life-Threatening Illness Date: 21-5-2023

    Asalam o alaykm,A wealthy father has one eldest daughter and three sons. The father faces a terminal illness that can take his life. In such an event (i.e. father's life-threatening illness), instead of distributing the shares of inheritance, does the Islamic law allow the father to leave all his wealth and family financial matters "in the care" of.. More

  • Company Gives House Building Loan Without Interest but Deducts Amount from Salary Date: 18-5-2023

    Aoa, I work in oil company and after period of 10 years my company give me house building loan without any interest. I hv to return back exactly the same amount which company give to me. Problem is that our company cut a minor amount of premium from our salary and insured that house building loan to some insurance company so that in case of employee.. More

  • Using Domain Name That Was Purchased with Credit Card Date: 9-5-2023

    I am working as a freelancer on a website, everything on that website is completely halal. But my non muslim client buy me a domain from his credit card and i am working on that domain to make the website. So working on that domain is halal for me? Or it is not permissible for me to use because it is purchased on credit card ? .. More

  • Selling Items That Have Animal Face on Them Date: 4-5-2023

    Selling items that have an animal face in them will it be halal? Like: A mug that has the face of a Sloth in it. The face is not even complete cause it doesn't even have ears. And I will be selling this to the non-muslims. .. More

  • Found Five Dollars and Spent It on His Friends Date: 4-5-2023

    Salam, I found five dollars on the floor at my school. Me and my friends passed it and I noticed and asked them if it was theirs they said no. I did not know who the owner is due to there being hundreds of kids so I spent the $5 to buy each of my friend candies except myself, is this haram thank you? .. More

  • Saving, Selling, or Distributing Books Which Contain Images Date: 4-5-2023

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Is it permissible to save, sell or distrubute books which contain images or save and distribute digital images which contain drawn or non-drawn living objects, but useful informatiom at the same time? .. More

  • Wearing Clothes That Have Images on Them Date: 4-5-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum sir,I'm working as a customer care executive in garment manufacturing company,it's a work from home based job,my work is to call wholesalers and retailers,motivate them to buy our product and send them link of catalogs on whatsapp,but in their link some clothes are good but some have animated characters,logos,and in kid's wear, they.. More

  • Teaching or Studying Bank Interest, Accounting, or Finance Date: 4-5-2023

    I am a practicing muslim. I am a privet tutor. I teach students at their home. I usually teach mathematics. I have a student of class 8. And in class 8's math text book there is chapter of interest( which is based on calculating riba, profit percentage etc.). Is it permissible for me to teach this chapter to my student? If not then how should i continue.. More