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  • Whispers regarding the transfer of impurity

    During my period, blood stains my bedsheets and dries up. If I touch that area with wet hands, and touch other things while wet, will the najis be transferred to those things I touched, and do I need to clean them too?.. More

  • How can one pay off unknown debts?

    im a born-muslim but i only started practicing islam recently (Alhamdulillah) so before i started practicing islam, i would carelessly borrow money from my classmates or other students. my problem is, i forgot how much i owed, how much of the debt i paid off, and who the people are. (they may be non-muslims too.)also, no one is contacting me/asking.. More

  • Ruling on Payback Card

    Hello, I live in Germany. I am writing to ask if it is permissible to sign for a free bonus program or ‘loyalty program’ called payback. In this program, the customer can sign up for free to get a payback card and everytime customer shops from a partner company like supermarkets; he/she can show its card to the counter and collect points and exchange.. More

  • Financial Ties Between Doctors and Medical Advertising Companies

    (Shorter version of previous post)Dr. X is working in a private hospital. He wants to make a business agreement with one of the best companies in my country. According to the agreement, I will write drugs for diseases that are produced by the aforementioned renowned company. The price of the drug is similar to that of other companies and quality is.. More

  • The presence of the gastric balloon in the stomach has no effect on fasting

    Salam, my friend is thinking of getting a gastric balloon to regain her health and lose weight, but she wants to know if she can fast with the balloon in her stomach since she needs to keep it for almost 12 months, she tried excercise diets and many more but as time passes she concerns that she might not be able to lose it all to becone healthy. I live.. More

  • Upbringing Children on the Straight Path

    Assalamualikum wr wb i have 3 sons aged 15,14,12 recently my eldest one confessed to me that he has enagaged in a very shocking act of he holding his freinds genitals and viceversa that came as a shock and i asked whats the reason he said its just like that ,he mentioned 2 yrs ago he came across some video on the internet of porn but these 3 brothers.. More

  • Reward for Sincere Intention in the Pursuit of Knowledge

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,If a student of knowledge had the intention to reach a level of knowledge to a scholar level with the intention to benefit themselves and the ummah and made the effort to study and learn, yet died before reaching this desired goal. Will they achieve a rank in the akhira as if they did reach such a level of knowledge? .. More

  • Ruling on overdraft fees on public transport card

    Assalamu Alaykum. I use a “presto” card, which is used for paying transit fare for trains and buses here in Canada.The amount of money I had was low, and I tapped the card and got a message that I had negative balance. Upon doing research i found out that the next time I reload my card with money they have the right to charge me overdraft of 25.. More

  • Practicing sports in a small room where there are women

    We have a small sport room in our student dormitory. It is most of the time empty. You also need a special access to that room. But men and women can enter that sport room. Is it okay for me, as a man, to enter there and workout ? And leave the room if a female enters ? .. More

  • Ruling on working on a core program through which images are generated

    Assalamu alaykum, I work as a software engineer for an AI company that provides text-to-image solutions where you write any text and it'll create an image for you. The solution is available to general public so anyone can use it and can generate whatever they want and they even have special models for generating cartoons and faces. They have implemented.. More

  • The ruling on using medicines that contain alcohol

    What is the ruling on using medicines like Dayquill and Nyquill to relieve cold and flu symptoms? It is over the counter. One of the active ingredients can intoxicate and give a high in large amounts. I'm not talking about the alcohol here but some of them have it. Worst case, what if you were sick and had to take this due to the illness and the lack.. More

  • Ruling on translating only the part that is correct and beneficial from the text

    Asalam alaikum. A scholar has asked his pupil to translate one of his works into another language. In this work, there are issues which the student strongly and vehemently disagrees with and believes it is outright misguidance (even though some scholars have taken the position that it’s permissible). The rest of the work is beneficial. Is it ok for.. More

  • Watching videos of magic for educational purposes and to create awareness

    Assalamualaikum...i want to ask about watching videos of someone doing black magic,shirk,kufr for educational purposes and to create awareness....Is it still a major sin to watch videos of that if its for educational purposes and be aware of that things?As there is a brother who exposes the black magician or magic etc by making videos of that is it.. More

  • Ruling on using a product that has a forbidden description

    Asalamu alaykom. I bought makeup highlighter, where in the description on it, it says you can use it on your cupids bow. Cupid is a fake god, but our body part is named after him. (The top line of our lips). Would it be permissible to use this product? And can we also describe that body part by saying cupids bow, or would that be haram? May Allah reward.. More

  • Is wearing a thorn crown haram?

    Selam aleykumIs wearing a thron crown ring haram? Because the Christians claim that a thron crown was placed on the head of Jesus,when he got crucified. .. More