1330 fatwas

  • The ruling on using medicines that contain alcohol Date: 11-9-2023

    What is the ruling on using medicines like Dayquill and Nyquill to relieve cold and flu symptoms? It is over the counter. One of the active ingredients can intoxicate and give a high in large amounts. I'm not talking about the alcohol here but some of them have it. Worst case, what if you were sick and had to take this due to the illness and the lack.. More

  • Ruling on translating only the part that is correct and beneficial from the text Date: 6-9-2023

    Asalam alaikum. A scholar has asked his pupil to translate one of his works into another language. In this work, there are issues which the student strongly and vehemently disagrees with and believes it is outright misguidance (even though some scholars have taken the position that it’s permissible). The rest of the work is beneficial. Is it ok for.. More

  • Watching videos of magic for educational purposes and to create awareness Date: 5-9-2023

    Assalamualaikum...i want to ask about watching videos of someone doing black magic,shirk,kufr for educational purposes and to create awareness....Is it still a major sin to watch videos of that if its for educational purposes and be aware of that things?As there is a brother who exposes the black magician or magic etc by making videos of that is it.. More

  • Ruling on using a product that has a forbidden description Date: 19-6-2023

    Asalamu alaykom. I bought makeup highlighter, where in the description on it, it says you can use it on your cupids bow. Cupid is a fake god, but our body part is named after him. (The top line of our lips). Would it be permissible to use this product? And can we also describe that body part by saying cupids bow, or would that be haram? May Allah reward.. More

  • Is wearing a thorn crown haram? Date: 19-6-2023

    Selam aleykumIs wearing a thron crown ring haram? Because the Christians claim that a thron crown was placed on the head of Jesus,when he got crucified. .. More

  • Playing with Yoyo Date: 12-6-2023

    Asalam alikum wa rahmet Allah wa barakatuh. I would like to ask if the popular toy, yoyo, is permissible to not. I have seen something that says its not, however, I would like to ask. It is a circular disk with string that you can drop and do tricks. .. More

  • Electronic Photography Through Artificial Intelligence Date: 21-5-2023

    Are AI created images of Humans permissable? In some Websites you can type in how you want your Character to look like and they make a very realistic Human so is it Haram .. More

  • Using Plural Pronouns When Speaking about Oneself or When Referring to a Singular Person Date: 9-5-2023

    Is it permissible for a Muslim person to always use they/them pronouns for themselves instead of she/her or he/him? .. More

  • His Account Got Hacked and Hacker Offered Him Money Every Month to Use That Account Date: 3-5-2023

    My reddit (social media platform) account got hacked a few days ago and the person who overtook the account is a female who is using my account to sell adult services. She has offered me some money every month to use that account and to compensate for my loss. My question is, 'IS THAT MONEY HALAL OR HARAM?' .. More

  • There is wisdom in everything that Allah Almighty has legislated Date: 10-4-2023

    Assalamu Alaiykum,I was extremely disappointed with your answer regarding your stance on abusive parents who mistreats me a lot. It is taking a tremendous toll on my mental health that I feel suicidal. I have lost my hope in Islam and Allah completely. I knew Allah will always favour parents no matter how much abusive they are, and it sounds akin to.. More

  • It is impermissible to film or spread videos which include prohibited matters Date: 10-4-2023

    There is a video on YouTube of a student of knowledge, but is not a scholar. The person who filmed him studied the deen, but is not a scholar as well. The person who filmed this video wants to show to the audience a little bit on who's the student of knowledge and it's for halal entertainment. In the video, there are women who are unveiled. These women.. More

  • Acting upon bad thoughts (insinuating whispers) Date: 9-4-2023

    Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhIf one Acts upon bad thoughts about Allah did he become a Kafir?For exampleI want to pray and i restart the prayer because i think Allah doesent know my Intention BUT afterwards i realize that Allah knows everthing.I had a bad thought, i acted upon it, did i leave Islam and is renewing the shahada necessary?.. More

  • Playing e-games is forbidden if it includes anything that violates the belief Date: 4-4-2023

    I love to play a strategy game called "Age of Empires 2" and I thought there is no problem playing with it until I realized some potential issues:1- There is a button called "Create Villager", you have to wait for a while and then a villager that can be used in farming or mining appears out of no where, Is that considered as mocking Allah's abilities?2-.. More

  • Ruling on taking pictures of a Muslim woman who's wearing the Hijab Date: 2-4-2023

    Salam. I would like to know is it permissible for a Muslim to take a pictures of a Muslimah who's wearing the hijab, whether they are showing their face and hands or not to upload the picture anywhere online? Also, is it permissible for a teenage boy to upload a video game that has no music on his YouTube channel, but he didn't cover the advertisement.. More

  • Afflicted with whispers about impurity Date: 2-4-2023

    When I touch my face, my hands get a trace of oil from it. Will my hands become impure if I touch someplace impure with these hands? Thanks. .. More