2828 fatwas

  • Portraying Prophets and Messengers Date: 23-5-2023

    Asalamu ‘Alaykum. I’ve always been told that depicting the prophets (peace be upon them) or the Sahaba (may ALLAH n’es pleased with them) is haram, but I was unable to find any ayah or Hadith to support this. Is there anything in the Quran or sunnah that can be used as evidence to suggest depicting them is haram? Jazakum allahu khayran. .. More

  • Fear of having children who may be exposed to challenges in a non-Muslim country should not prevent one from getting married Date: 21-5-2023

    As salamu aleykumI live in Germany and i can practice my religion here freely. I know that mixing genders is haraam, but the schools here are generally mixed. I dont want to marry and have children because of that. But my family urges me to marry, because it is better when a righteous person has children they say. And I dont want to migrate just to.. More

  • Her Husband Stays Up Late at Night Outside with His Friends Date: 21-5-2023

    Salam aleikum. I have 3 children and i been married for 13 years . Before to getting married i told my husband that i dont like men who are married but go out in the night with friends and thats something i wont accept. He Said he does not do those things. But since at least 10 years back , he lives like a teenager. He sleeps all day and in the night.. More

  • Spouses in Paradise Date: 16-5-2023

    if an unmarried woman ask allah to be married in Jannah with a man who does not have huri or wife is this possible? is it possible allah makes her think she is the only wife and hides the knowledge of the other wive/huris from her? .. More

  • How to Discard Word “Deen” That Is Part of Some Names of Muslims Date: 9-5-2023

    Im somewhat familiar with the rulings on handling paper with names of the Prophets and the Names of Allah. Some Muslims have the word “Deen” as a part of their name. If I have a paper with their name in english, can i discard it in the garbage can like i do with most papers or should I take other measures? .. More

  • Has Bad Thoughts about Allah, Quran and Other Things Related to Islam Date: 4-5-2023

    Assalamualaikum. I have bad thoughts about Allah, Quran and other things related to islam. From your website, I came to know that we have to resist it. What if someone doesn't resist it? Is there any sin for that? I mean if someone hates it but still doesn't resist it, what is the ruling on that? .. More

  • Words of Kufr (disbelief) on toys Date: 16-4-2023

    I have a toy plane that says “Cripes Almighty” on it. Cripes is a euphemism for Christ. Do I have to get rid of it. Is it Kufr to keep it. Can I just cover it with a sticker .. More

  • Impermissible to Give Charity or Ask Forgiveness for Someone who Died Upon Disbelief Date: 9-4-2023

    Can i make dua and sedeqah for my parents who died with out islam? .. More

  • Will Dajjal's followers be wearing green satins? Date: 9-4-2023

    Salaam,Is it true that the followers of Dajjal from the place called asfahaan will be wearing green satins? .. More

  • Refuting false beliefs Date: 4-4-2023

    Hello, this is my 3rd question with regards to this A lebanese prophet who starte dthe daheshism religion has 1000s of eye witness saying he raised the dead, other crazy miracles too . Please help i cant find any refutations and it is hurting my imaan. Please help. I need yaqeen in islam. .. More

  • The number of the Beautiful Names of Allah Almighty Date: 3-4-2023

    Is it true that there is a name of Allah, we don't know about? Is it supposed to be the 100 name? .. More

  • The meaning of ‘the death of the soul’ Date: 2-4-2023

    Sir is the rooh and spirit will also die right ? I mean everything has to die so this will also die ? And then woll be recreated as it is not then it.will become a shirk for equalling it to Allah who will never die ? .. More

  • Ruling on cauterization Date: 30-3-2023

    AssalamualaikumThere is a Hadith where Prophet(PBUH) said that 70000 of my followers will enter paradise without reckoning, they are those who 1) avoid asking Ruqyah 2)do not believe in bad omen 3)avoid seeking cauterization. I have a confusion regarding this, I want to remove skin tags on my eyelid by cauterization. It is not causing any harm to me.. More

  • Ruling on saying 'go to hell' Date: 26-3-2023

    Is saying “go to hell” as a joke kufr or shirk? Will the person who said it end up in hell because they spoke for something that only Allah knows about? I have said it as a joke but then I immediately regretted it and started asking myself these questions. .. More

  • Laughing at things that happened during pre-Islamic Days of Ignorance Date: 21-3-2023

    Assalamualaikum sheikh.I saw a video of famous dai(Ahmed deedat)who share a story of christian man and sheikh debating.The sheikh made a point that Allah cry(naudzubillah)because he cant save his own son to the chrostian missionary.Ahmed deedat(May Allah have mercy on him) tell this story at his lecture and people start laughing.Is this kufr or not. .. More