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  • Donating on Behalf of the Deceased Husband Benefits Him Date: 10-10-2018

    Dear MuftiMy husband recently died and i want to do sadqa jariyah for him .My children are age 6 years and 9 months old.Since they are young if i make them good muslims will they be sadqa jariyah for my husband even though he played no rolê in their upbringing. He was a many of kindness and loved to forgive i learnt this from him and Will teach my.. More

  • Embraced Islam but Compelled by Contract to Do Modelling Date: 10-10-2018

    Salam, i am a newly converted female from Sweden. I was converted by some of my Muslim friends and i am totally ready to embrace Islam. Problem is: I am in under contract with a modelling studio for 1 more year. And i used to do bikini modelling for them. Now, if i broke contract with them they'll sue me and frankly i really dont have enough money to.. More

  • Gold in SIM Cards; Permissible Date: 8-10-2018

    I learned SIM cards contains gold as metal will electronic device containing some gold be allowed to use if not how can we use mobile phone .. More

  • Damaged Due To Normal Wear And Tear Date: 8-10-2018

    Dear MuftiMy husband died unexpectedly last month in Brazil.In his life we lived in an apartment which we rented from his friend.We lived there for a year and furniture was not top quality so went through tear and some other things were a bit damaged.My husband told the owner he will pay him for damages but the owner was rude person and sent us a court.. More

  • How Thousands of People Could Hear Scholars of Hadeeth without Microphone Date: 7-10-2018

    assalamu alaykum. dear sheikh, how can someone answer those critiques of Al-imam Al-bukhari (May Allah guide them) .they said how can it be reported that ninety thousand people listen his lesson before the invention of microphone, similarly they also said that about the khutba of our holy nabiyy during hajjatul-wada'. .. More

  • Accountability For Thoughts That Are Settled In the Heart Date: 7-10-2018

    I know it is haram to say kufr things with your mouth, but what if you only say it in your heart/mind? Is this haram? I am not talking about waswas but i mean if someone intentionally makes a kufr/shirk statement in their mind only (for example if they swear at Allah) but they do not verbalize it. What is the ruling for this? Seekershub gives a vague.. More

  • After His Death, the Prophet Does Not Attend Gatherings Date: 7-10-2018

    assalamu alikum one of a brailwi said to me that Prophet peace be upon him is present every where, and he quoted the following verse'O prophet! The Communicator of unseen news, no doubt, We have sent you as a PRESENT beholder (SHAHIDAN) and bearer of glad tiding and a warner. (33:45-46) And he said you the ahlul hadith yourself translate "Shahid" as.. More

  • The Story of Heraclius Is Confirmed and Authentic Date: 7-10-2018

    How reliable are traditional Islamic history sources exactly as accurate sources which reliably describe things like pre-Islamic Arabia? I mean for example Heraclius is said according to Islamic sources to have met Abu Sufyan or heard about Islam and responded to the Prophet(PBUH) letter to him acknowledging but other sources like Lawrence Conrad have.. More

  • Many Issues about Marital Life Date: 2-10-2018

    Assalamualaikum, I'm a Muslim woman aged 25 married to a Muslim man aged 32, 4 months back. My husband is a nice person but egoistic and not very Islamic. Before marriage we would casually talk to know eachother. When I discussed about Mehr he abruptly said "if girl's side asks it's Mehr and you legalise it but when d guy's side ask you term it as dowry"... More

  • Limits of Obedience and Disobedience of a Person in Authority Date: 30-9-2018

    can a father/husband force his child/wife to accept the view which he thinks is correct in case of ijtihadi masalah where there is ikhtilaaf among the ulama? i.e. covering the face, doing raful yadayn, reciting fatiha behind imam.... .. More

  • No Contradiction between the Two Verses Date: 30-9-2018

    Salam dear brother!How can we marry from among the People of the Book whereas in sura 9.29 we are told to fight them? .. More

  • Searching in Public Information is not Spying Date: 23-9-2018

    Does this come under as stalking? A person admires a student of knowledge or a non-student of knowledge by searching information about them online to know them better and to see what accounts they have? .. More

  • Works In a Hotel Comparative Website Date: 23-9-2018

    I'm affiliated to a hotels comparative website on which people could compare and choose a hotel, so i get commission from each visitor i refer to the hotel comparator website, meaning, i'm dealing with the hotels comparator website and not with hotels directly. Is it permissible for me to take this commission knowing that the hotels displayed by the.. More

  • Using Hand in Wife’s Vagina When in Menses Date: 9-9-2018

    Can I use my hand to my wives vagina during her menstruation for pleasing her? With or without any pajama? .. More

  • Studying Psychology is Permissible Date: 9-9-2018

    Asalaam aleykoum.There is a job as an "Education administrator" at a university (in the west), where you work as a course administrator for the courses within the psychology education program. Now is this job halal? If you for exampel book halls for lectures, registrate students in courses, updateing information about these courses, and helping studenst.. More