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  • Ruling on installing YouTube app on someone's phone

    I'm a convert and currently still hiding it. So, my mother gave my cousin a phone so she could watch kiddie stuff there. my cousin watches videos with background music but she doesn't play a video solely for songs. The thing is I installed YouTube kids for her using the phone my mother gave while completely forgetting that she'd watch videos with music... More

  • Attending to the Mother While She Is Watching T.V. Programs

    Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.Shaikh, I want to ask. What is ruling on helping my mother doing thing that is used to enjoyed with watching TV when she watches TV such as giving her a snack when she watches TV, or giving her a pile of untidy clothes that she asked it, so she could iron the clothes while enjoying TV? Is this counted as helping.. More

  • Forbidding Family Members from Watching Unlawful Shows

    Assalamu Alaikum. My family always open haram tv shows on the tv in the living room, which contain women and music. And I really want to stay with my family in the living room alot of the time, because I get bored and lonely in my room. I tried telling them to not open those tv shows, but they refused. Would I be sinful for staying in the living room?.. More

  • Watching YouTube Channel Called ‘Dragon Garage’

    Esalamu alejkum. I want to know is it permissible for me to watch a youtube chanel called "Dragon garage"? I just want to know is it permisible for me to wach that chanel just because of the name. .. More

  • Joining A Group Chat Who May Post Forbidden Pictures

    is it permissible to join a group chat for permissible matter but there are sins in that group?. For example, there a facebook group for selling bicycle stuffs, but there are people who use human images as their profile picture, or someone who post forbidden pictures. .. More

  • Starting a TV Channel With Sharee’ah Violations

    salam. some brothers want to start a tv channel with the intention of giving good alternatives to haram tv programs. but they cant initially give 100% halal programs but they can be a good long term prospect in favor of Islam and their programs will include both Islamic Programs and programs with some shariah violations(for example, ads and musical.. More

  • Downloading Websites, Books and Journals That Have Unlawful Logos

    In websites of books and journals,logo of their publishers may be unlawful in nature, and it is displayed in websites & in their published works. What is rulings about them? Can I use these websites & read published works if I download only those what are permissible even they contain these logos? .. More

  • Downloaded Web Series and Making Available for Free

    recently I maked a blogger website on Which I put link of Netflix webseries movies Wich I got from other websites those giving them for free I copied those download link and shrinked them and posted them on website so I want to know that is it Haram or halal? I am confused beacause I am just sharing them not stealed and upload them but I am shrinking.. More

  • Uploading YouTube Movie Trailers

    Assalamu alaikumI want to upload movie trailers on youtube but i'm worried about the content of this movies as for not muslim people they do a lot of prohibited stuff is it okay to upload those trailers and they are the responsible of that? Or is there something i can do? .. More

  • Using Audio or Video Media for Advertising

    As salamu alaikumUsing radio fm media and entertainment tv media for marketing purposes is haram.?Could you answer this soon. In sha allah we are opening our retail shop in couple of weeks.Jasak allahu khairan .. More

  • Preparing spreadsheet that lists TV sets

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. My father asked me for a spreadsheet to calculate some math necessary for shipping the stuff in our house because we will be migrating to another country, Allaah willing. Among the things that he will ship (and hence use my spreadsheet for) are the TV's. I know that they will commit at least some sins.. More

  • Filming and selling instructional and satirical videos

    Assalamu alaykum. I wanted to ask: is it okay for me to film myself talking (reviewing) about books and movies? I want to use a video recorder to film myself making funny/satirical reviews of books, movies, and video games and criticize them. Am I also allowed to make videos of myself talking (positively) or teaching about my country? Or videos in which.. More

  • Setting up YouTube channels that violate Sharee'ah

    Assalaamu alaykum. Could you please tell me the ruling on Muslims who have YouTube channels that are open to the public and on which a person can see what they liked and subscribed of what contains inappropriate things. For example, the videos that they liked and the channels that they subscribed to containn music, women not covering, and so on. I am.. More

  • Watching TV interviews online

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is regarding watching interviews for leisure. We have not had a TV, praise be to Allaah, for many years. However we do watch it online on a laptop. My dad comes home very tiredfrom the office, and it is not easy for us to go out everyday in the evening for leisure. He always experiences a lot of tension, which he never.. More

  • Listening to bigoted news sources to criticize them

    Assalaamu alaykum. Sorry for my reply. Anyway, I follow the Maliki madhab, and I received the fatwa for my question, fatwa No 312007; the title is 'Learning a language from a source prejudiced against Muslims'. I just want to clarify my question so that there is no misunderstanding. I mean, let us say that you are learning English and that you are using,.. More