273 fatwas

  • Going beyond the Limit of Prescribed Corporal Punishment as a Form of Ta‘Zeer? Date: 17-8-2015

    Can the judge prescribe a Ta‘zeer (discretionary punishment) that exceeds the Hadd (prescribed corporal punishment) in some crimes that entails Hadd or Qasaas (retribution)? .. More

  • Accusation of fornication without proof is a heinous crime Date: 17-8-2015

    When I was a child, my mother used to host a man in her house, and it was known that the devil was their companion and tempted that man into having unlawful sexual intercourse with her. I was young and afraid of all things. I hate my mother and do not know what to do given the fact that she raised us after my father died. After I have grown up, this.. More

  • Ruling on someone who drinks alcohol and observes prayer and fasting Date: 16-8-2015

    What is the ruling on someone who observes the obligatory acts of worship such as prayer, fasting, charity and so on, but he drinks alcohol? .. More

  • Calling someone 'gay' without accusing him of Sodomy Date: 20-7-2015

    What is the ruling of calling someone who is non Muslim "gay" without accusing him of adultery? .. More

  • Ijmaa’ is a principle of the Hanbali Mathhab Date: 20-4-2015

    Ya shaykh , I heard that Madhab of Imam Ahmad has following Usools Alnusoos (Quran and Sunnah) , AlIjma , Fatawa of Sahaba , Hadith Daeef and Mursal and Qiyas ..... but some other people told me that There is no Ijma in usool alhanbali ...please clarify the matter .. More

  • On the lawfulness of judges passing judgments based on personal knowledge Date: 18-4-2015

    Assalaam-alikum, my question is about "Judge as witness in Islam"example; Judge who was seen his own eye attacks and murder, full scenes. if Judge sees all those is he able to fish the case by himself as a witness or testimony? .. More

  • Blogs about Islam written by lay Muslims Date: 6-4-2015

    Assalamu alaikumMy question is regarding the concern of many Muslims who have blogs online and have taken it upon themselves to answer questions and give Islamic advice to other Muslims without any Islamic knowledge/degree. These questions come in the form of anything from TAWHEED, sharia, sins, issues with deen, tafseer of Quran, explanation of ayats.. More

  • Ownership claims are valid with a witness and an oath or two witnesses Date: 24-3-2015

    Dear sheikh if someone claims an item found with somebody else and brings forward his evidence and proof and the other party denies the claims and he swear an oath on it. In whose favour will the case be decided.since we have witness vs oath at the same time. .. More

  • Lesbianism not equated with sodomy by analogy Date: 24-2-2015

    Salam alaikum Why is the punishment for lesbianism different from sodomy? They are both abhorrent acts against the natural laws of Allah(swt) and a great crime, shouldn't they both carry the hadd of capital punishment? Yet Ulema said that the punishment for lesbianism is only tazir. Can you please explain? Jazakum Allah(swt) khayr .. More

  • Accusation of theft must be supported with evidence or confession Date: 3-2-2015

    Please kindly answer my question faster and reply its..by the end of this month...,thank you 1)An employer found out that his worker has been stealing money from his business for some time.Though he has not caught him red handed, the overwhelming circumstantial evidences leaves no doubt at all about the thefts.However the worker stubbornly refused to.. More

  • One is not responsible for the death of child without clear negligence Date: 26-12-2014

    Assalamualykum, Recently 2 months back, my son 30 months aged passed away from me by drowning in water near my house premises. That was a storage underground tank situated backside of my rented house. It was 3.30 afternoon, september 16; 2014. I and my wife both were in house speaking on mobile during that time with 30 min duration. during talking in.. More

  • No liability on train driver if someone threw himself in front of the train to commit suicide Date: 17-12-2014

    salam aleikum if I drive train and a person wants to do suicide, I have to pay blood money what Islam says about this? Jazak Allahu Khayran .. More

  • Her husband falsely accuses her of adultery Date: 15-10-2014

    34yrs married, accused of doing Zena with men as old as my boys, no proof he has put hidden cameras and tape recorders, check emails my phone. my sons don't know what to do they have discussed with him, this as kufr. My husband is a good man, very religious all of sudden he has he started this 5 yrs ago pl help I am getting sick, he divorced once than.. More

  • Applying the Hadd on the supreme Muslim ruler if he commits a crime Date: 23-9-2014

    Asalaam alaikam I want to know regarding the khalifah if he is a evil disobedient one what happens in the following situation. If the khalifah,king and imam does zina or a crime that warrants the hadd is it true there is no hadd for him because the khalifah can impose it on himself and we are ordered to obey the khalifah even is he a fasiq? Some people.. More

  • Following a different Mathhab in certain issues Date: 17-9-2014

    Asa-almulaykum I am a muslim & I follow the Shafi madhab. However, is it permissible to use another madhab for certain things? e.g. Imam Shafi says that my wudhu (as a female) is invalid when a man touches me (even if it my husband by accident). Whereas Imaam Hanafi, says that if the touch was not intentional (or any sexual desire behind it) then.. More