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  • The Mufti Is Accountable and the Layman Follows a Trustworthy Scholar Date: 8-9-2018

    On this temporary planet, earth, Allah sent down His Prophets and Messengers to their people to know Allah and to be on His straight path. Today, all of mankind have to follow Prophet Muhammad as he is the last Prophet and Messenger. In Islam, we have different interpretations on certain issues since Prophet Muhammad passed away without clarifying what.. More

  • Who is entitled to issue fatwas? Date: 16-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaikum. Today, if a person gets an Islamic degree, he is considered a student of knowledge. Are they considered layman, and can they give fatwas? What is the difference between a senior scholar/Mufti and a scholar/‘Aalim, and what kind of fatwa can the senior scholar/Mufti give which the scholar/‘Aalim is not allowed to issue? .. More

  • Choosing the lesser of two evils is religious principle Date: 5-10-2017

    Salam. I have a question from a video I have watched here:, which basically says and explains the following: You are in a situation where five people are going to die, but you can save them by causing the death of one single person. Is it this allowed in the Shariah? Meaning: saving the life of five, by.. More

  • Seeking fatwa from people of innovation Date: 3-7-2017

    Can I ask people who have innovations, even if the innovation constitutes an act of disbelief about all matters of the religion? For example, can I ask them if an act is forbidden or something regarding Waswaas (obsessive doubts)? There are not so many Salafi shaykhs in my city, I think. .. More

  • Whether Mujtahid Muqayyad can follow methodology of other Mathhabs Date: 8-12-2016

    Can a Mujtahid Muqayyad pass rulings on the basis of the methodology of different schools of thought on different legal issues? .. More

  • Habitually pursuing the odd views of scholars leads to heresy Date: 8-10-2015

    Assalamu 'alaykum. I've read on this website a quote of Imam al-Awza'i: "Whoever prefers to follow the exceptional rulings of Ulamah (scholars) gets out of the fold of Islam." (from Sunan of Al Baihaqi, taken from Fatwa No : 86931). On another website I've read something similar, but with slightly different wording: "Whoever holds on to the rare and.. More

  • Blogs about Islam written by lay Muslims Date: 6-4-2015

    Assalamu alaikumMy question is regarding the concern of many Muslims who have blogs online and have taken it upon themselves to answer questions and give Islamic advice to other Muslims without any Islamic knowledge/degree. These questions come in the form of anything from TAWHEED, sharia, sins, issues with deen, tafseer of Quran, explanation of ayats.. More

  • An imprisoned scholar has the right to issue Fatwa Date: 19-2-2014

    Salam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullah... I want to confirm through your source whether an imprisoned scholar or mufti is illegible to issue any kind of Fatwa or Islamic ruling from prison. Is his fatwa acceptable ? .. More

  • A judge marrying a woman to whom he issued verdict of divorce Date: 25-11-2010

    One quasi (religious judge) issued verdict for divorce to a women. Is it allow for the same judge to marry the same girl. Is it allowed to a Muslim judge to enjoy himself benefits from his judgment. .. More

  • Giving people easy Fataawa about divorce to save their homes Date: 21-9-2010

    Dear Sheikh, I have gone through in details of arguments for the following divorce fatwas presented by both sides and concluded that research done by Ibne Taymiah, Ibne Qayyim, many contemporary scholars from Lajjanah Al-Daimah and Haiyah Kibar Al-Ulama in KSA is more correct scholarly opinion. They include the followings (all details are from Sharah.. More

  • Difference between a Mufti and a preacher Date: 31-12-2007

    What is the difference between a Mufthi and a Moulavi? Is the difference measured in a spiritual or academic sense?.. More

  • Seeking Fatwa from those who do not follow Sunnah Date: 5-1-2006


  • Feels the Ahnaf's school is being slighted Date: 19-2-2003

    I want to bring your notice that a large numbers of Muslim Ummah follow Hanafi Madhab. I feel that though you prefer to the opinion of Majority. But you rarely mention the Ahnaf's opinion. I do notwant to support it but at least you could mention their opinion and their evidence and then prove that it is weak, or not authentic, or the majority does.. More

  • Doubts qualifications for Islamic professor Date: 30-10-2002

    I am a professor of Islamic education, but I'm not able for this responsibility. I'm not an ideal person so I think it is better for me to seek another job... More

  • Authority to Issue Fataawa Date: 20-4-2002

    My question here is very simple. I am trying to understand Islam but must admit that I find it difficult, especially as it relates to all these "rules" about what is allowed and not. I read the Qur'an (and the Bible and many Buddhist texts...) and I am amazed at the number of twisted interpretations by clerics who dictate to others how they should behave... More