1289 fatwas

  • Ruling on Martial Arts Date: 27-2-2001

    What is the status of practising Martial Arts like Boxing, and all the sports of aggression? .. More

  • Alcohol in Mouth Wash and Perfumes Date: 12-2-2001

    I have read some Ahadith in 'Sahih Muslim' about the prohibition of alcohol consumption, and it is also explained that it should not be used in or as a medicine. Can Muslims use a mouthwash (which is not consumed) which contains a lot of alcohol? If not, is there any other Halal alternative? Also can a Muslim use perfumes containing alcohol? .. More

  • In Vitro Operation Date: 24-1-2001

    Following results have been concluded by our doctor after my wife's leproscopy procedure. 1. She has torturous tubes result delay in egg reaching the uterus, resulting delay in reaching sperms to the egg. 2. There is a possibility for her to conceive but chances are it might be ecopotic pregnancy resulting an operation for tubes removal. 3... More

  • Shyness Date: 9-1-2001

    Since I became religious my (shyness) has increased very much, I and my face becomes red and sweaty whenever I join the lectures or friends' I want to have surgical operation to get rid of it so, is it ok or if you have any recomendation?.. More

  • Arabic for Muslims who Do Not Speak It Date: 2-1-2001

    Is it compulsory for Muslims who do not speak Arabic to learn Arabic language? .. More

  • Abortion for fetus with Down's syndrome Date: 1-1-2001

    Can a 36 year-old woman, 4 months pregnant with a fetus with Down's syndrome have an abortion? .. More

  • Exchanging E-Mail Between Men and Women Date: 1-1-2001

    Is it Halal for a girl to chat with men in chatrooms on the Internet and to exchange e-mail between males and females? .. More

  • Hanging Pictures Date: 1-1-2001

    My question is about hangings on the wall. Is it ok to put a picture made of cloth with persons on it on the wall? The persons have no shadow and the pictures are not impolite. I heard that the picture is not Haram as long as it is not a statue or does not have its shadow. .. More

  • Reading sources of information by western writers Date: 17-12-2000

    Dear Brother,I would like to know if my readings about the history of the world, archaeology and the general knowledge from Western sources and magazines, Is Halal or Haram according to Islam? I cannot thank you enough for providing this service... More

  • Drawing Face of Human Beings Date: 16-12-2000

    Is drawing of the human’s face forbidden? .. More

  • Imam appearing with uncovered woman for TV interview Date: 2-11-2000

    What do you say if an Imam has an interview on TV with a woman without Hijab?.. More

  • What is the best language? Date: 30-10-2000

    Which is the best language to be taught and spoken?.. More

  • Use of embryos for research Date: 17-10-2000

    Is it permissable to donate unused embryos during infertility treatments to be used in Embryonic stem cell research? These procedures are to cure diseas such as alzheimers and parkinsons, as well as aid in the cure of damaged spinal cords. Would the use of embryonic stem cells be permissable? Would it be permissable to donate unused embryos?2-.. More

  • Fun Fair in Islam Date: 28-9-2000

    What is fun fair in Islam? Is there any such detail regarding fun fair? .. More

  • Using the Internet Date: 20-9-2000

    Could you provide me with feedback and insight on the following website, and its conspiracy theories, Free Masons, New World Order, etc.? Is it ok to read such and will that affect our deen and Islamic line of thought? I don't wish to corrupt my Islamic line of thought and belief and hence ask for advice. .. More