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  • Studying 'Ilm Al-Munaasabaat fil-Quran Date: 2-1-2018

    As-salaamu alaykum, what is the ruling on 'Ilm Al-Munaasabaat Fil-Quran (the science of how verses and surahs are related)? Is it permissible to study it? If so, which are the best books for it? May Allah bless you. .. More

  • Recommended books on reasons of revelation Date: 13-1-2013

    Salaam, Can you kindly recommend some books for me on the topic of asbaabun-nuzool and its fundamentals? Secondly, do you need to have a good foundation of hadeeth before studying Tafseer? Jazaakallaahu Khayrana .. More

  • Ottoman Style Arabic Script in Qur'an Date: 30-11-2011

    Assalaamou Alaikum. My question is in regards to the Arabic language regarding some words found in Al-Qur'an. For example, with the words الصلوة and الزكوة there is ألف قصيرة over the واو. Therefore, I want to know if the واو serves as a chair for ألف قصيرة and is therefore not pronounced, or is the واو part of.. More

  • Naasikh and Mansookh in the Quran Date: 25-1-2006

    I need to know about Al-Naasikh and Al-Mansookh in the Quran... More

  • Language of words in Qur'an Date: 20-9-2003

    Are all Qur'an words in Arabic or there are some Persian words?.. More

  • Abrogated Verses of the Quran Date: 27-7-2002

    First of all my thanks for the previous Fatwa. I am completely satisfied from the answer. This time I have a query about Islamic Jurisprudence. My question is: What is al-Naskh (abrogation of the verses of Holy Qur'an)? Is it true that there were certain verses of the Holy Qur'an that were abrogated? If yes, which and how many verses were abrogated.. More