35 fatwas

  • Ruling on Believing in Scientific Theories and Findings Regarding Human Fossils Date: 25-10-2022

    Assalamu Alaikum. Scientists have found 2 million year old human fossil.Can we believe on them? From hadith we have come to know that there is 10 generations between Adam and noah and 10 generations between Noah and Ibrahim. .. More

  • The Miraculousness of the Quran in Its Meaning Is Greater Than Its Miraculousness in Its Wording Date: 20-9-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum One of the biggest proofs for Islam and the Quran being true is reading the meaning of the Quran, as when reading it one can understand that it is from Allah. My question is, why did some scholars limit the miraculous nature of the Quran to only style and eloquence, and said that the meaning of Quran wasn’t a miracle? I find this.. More

  • Conditions of the Interpretation of Scientific Miracles in the Quran Date: 7-1-2019

    I am sending this question again after receiving a mail. My previous Question Number: 2700642. Muslims are trying to discover scientific miracles from quran. a man proved that, earth moves because 'mahada' means cradle. (78:6) sadly, he found all mufassirs against him. some are inventing miracle instead of discovering. mirja tahir ahmed proved that,.. More

  • Earth was created before heaven but spread out after creation of heaven Date: 8-4-2017

    I find in the Quran 67:5 and other locations that it states that the stars are in the lowest heaven. Allaah says that He created Earth before the heavens, which means before the stars. However, some stars are older than Earth. Is this a mistake? .. More

  • Size of each heaven compared to one above it Date: 14-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it true that each heaven is like a ring in the desert compared to the one above, as Al-Aloosi stated? .. More

  • Describing water barrier is miracle of Quran Date: 23-1-2017

    The Quran states something about two seas/oceans that are mixing, but this fact has been stated before the existence of the Quran. "The drinkable, sweet water, then, is light and is all of it drawn up: the salt water is heavy and remains behind.” -Aristotle (382 BC to 322 BC). I have also been told that all the facts stated in the Quran have been.. More

  • Quran not science book Date: 18-7-2016

    Is there a part of the Quran that talks about magnetic fields and polar shifts? Thank you. .. More

  • Quran verses indicate that earth was created before heavens Date: 29-11-2015

    AslamualakaumSheikh this is a problem for me that i would like you to clarify.Please dont send me the fatwa about what was created first the heaven or the Earth becuse although my question is to do with that matter, that is not my question.We know the Earth was created first from the Quran, then the heaven, but there are stars or planets in the heaven.. More

  • 'Scientific miracles' do not conflict with Prophet's essential knowledge of Quran Date: 8-10-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum. I recently read a book about the scientific miracles of the Qur'an. The authors were talking about how many things mentioned in the Qur'an were not discovered by scientists until hundreds of years later, such as knowing that mountains have roots under the earth. They said that before these discoveries were made we did not have a.. More

  • Challenge to produce the like of the Quran was directed at the Arabs Date: 26-4-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, Does the fact that nobody could produce a verse like the Qur'an also mean that nobody could work out what the original words of the Qur'an are by looking at a translation of them (if they did not already know that part of the Qur'an)? Jazaakum Allahu khairan .. More

  • The claim that Allaah prevented Arabs from imitating the Quran by intervention Date: 9-2-2015

    Aslamaulakaum I read that a philospher said that the Quran is a mircle in the sense that Allah prevented people from imiating it not that it itself is a mircle. I thought that this was just a philopshers claim and that the storgest view is that the Quran is a linguistic mircle. But me being a layman got conffused today when i read that a schollar who.. More

  • The six days in which Allaah created the heavens and the earth are not like our days Date: 27-9-2014

    i just want to know that ALLAH almighty says in Quran that he created the world in 6 days. usually we know that one day is counted when earth moves round on its own circle once. With due respect i ask for the explanation how would we count 6 days before the creation of earth. Allah pardon us. .. More

  • From both of them emerge pearl and coral (Quran 55:22) Date: 27-7-2014

    I have a question from the Koran. In Surah Rahman, the following sentences. He has made ​​the two seas, which will meet once each. Between them is a barrier which they can not cross. Which of the favors of your Lord would you deny it? (Quran 55:19-23)There are pearls and coral from both (seas) away. My question is: Here is clear that in.. More

  • Linguistic miracle of the Quran Date: 26-6-2014

    Salam Alakium; please answer this directly without saying to read a similar question because its specific question unlike ones on this site. I want to know what is the miracle of the Quraan; not the science miracle that has been debated and doesn't seem like a miracle to me most of the facts; and that is not the main miracle . I am asking about the.. More

  • Fresh ripe dates are optimum for women after delivery Date: 7-6-2014

    what are the fruites reccomended to be eating during pregnat women by Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W)and its important to the onborn baby e.g watermelon,mango,orange etc.Please i want full explaination from both Holy Quran's and Hadith .. More