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  • A New Muslim Fears About Informing Her Parents Date: 31-8-2000

    Asaalam Alakum. I am a new Muslim and have lots of questions that I want answered about Islam. If the prayer is very important, how shall I go about it? Do you recommend any site where I could find the answers?. If there is any audio site can I download it? Also, do I tell my parents I am converted since I am from Hindu background? .. More

  • Swearing to a lie on Allah Date: 28-8-2000

    If someone swears by Allah (wa-Allahi) something is true knowing that it is a lie, what can that person do to repent for what he has done? .. More

  • Using Beads to Mention Allah Date: 27-8-2000

    Are dhikr beads Bidah? I have heard that they are, yet I see them a lot. .. More

  • Bettering One's Conditions Through Du’aa’ Date: 20-8-2000

    Is it true that if you recite certain names of Allah, certain ayahs or certain 'duas' a lot they can turn your condition into a better one? .. More

  • Avoiding unpleasant relatives Date: 13-8-2000

    Aslam O Alikum I have two real uncles living in Canada, When I first come here they treated me poorly. I didn't say anything and feared Allah and honured my parents, but now that I have established myself, they compete and say awful things. I try to avoid them all the time. I don't call them or visit them because every time I do something goes wrong.. More

  • Losing Hair Over Entire Body Date: 10-8-2000

    Assalamu-Alaikum. I have a problem that has concerned me for about 3 years now; I'm losing hair on all parts of my body. Eventhough I have been to the doctor, nothing seems to be wrong with me physically. I feel desperate to get something done about it. Is it a test from Allah? (astaghfirhu-llah). I need advise for this pain I'm in right now. Please.. More

  • Interpretation of dreams Date: 1-8-2000

    Assalam Alaykum Almost every night I dream of forgetting to wear my veil. The dreams are so realistic that I often wake up feeling very disturbed. What do these dreams denote? .. More

  • Blessings on the Prophet Date: 30-7-2000

    Dear Brother, Can you tell us what are blessings we can send on our beloved Prophet Muhammed and also, please explain in detail what blessings and when to recite them?.. More

  • The Rights of Parents and Parents In-Law Date: 30-7-2000

    My question is related to parents. It has been mentioned in many places to take care of parents. How does a woman after marriage can take care of her parents? What are the rights of her husband's parents on her and her rights on them? In other words, are parents in-law to be treated as your own parents? Are rewards and punishments the same as for one's.. More

  • Lying With Feet Toward Qiblah Date: 6-7-2000

    Asalam alaikum. Is their any ruling against lying with your feet outstretched in the direction of the Ka’bah? When we place beds in a house, would it be more desirable to avoid having the feet pointing towards the Ka’bah? This would be done as a sign of respect, reverence, dignity and humility, as is the case when we face towards the same place.. More

  • Parental consent in marriage Date: 6-7-2000

    Asslam-o-aleikum I am 32+ yrs old and want to get married. I've been asking my parents atleast for two years. But they, especially my father did not pay attention to it. Now I have found a Muslim girl here, but they are not accepting her. My question is how necessary is it to have the permission of parents to get married? It is important to note that.. More

  • Actions During the Prayer Date: 18-6-2000

    I'd like to know if saying "ameen" when imaam or someone else supplicates and others say "ameen" is bid'ah? If so, should everyone supplicate on his/her own? Besides, after reading some verses from the Holy Qur'aan our imaam finishes by reading ayaat 37: 180,181,182. Is it allowed? When he finishes supplicating he says ''Rabbana takabbal minni innaka.. More

  • How to overcome one's nervousness Date: 5-6-2000

    I get nervous with very small little things. In this case how could I overcome my nervousness?.. More

  • Using the phone to make unrecorded 'free' calls Date: 2-6-2000

    I find it is possible to call some numbers on my phone without being billed. Can I call these numbers? .. More

  • Swore to do something Date: 29-5-2000

    One day, I swore that I would do something bad but not "Haram." When I thought about what I did, I knew that I should've not said that. Do I have to make "kafarah" for what I did?.. More