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  • Being Depressed and Suicidal for Many Years

    I am asking this question on behalf of a sister who came to me distressed. She says that she faces a lot of mental abuse at home and wants to leave and move out. I urged her to bear patience and stay at home until Allah makes a way out for her. But she says that she is suffering mentally and fears she may snap and do something drastic like kill herself... More

  • Was Raped at an Earlier Age and Is Very Depressed and Suicidal

    My 16 year old cousin was raped by our non-muslim neighbour when she was 13 years old. Before that incident she started praying for the first time. After she was raped she became very depressed and suicidal and is taking medication daily and seeing a doctor. Today she does not pray and has mental problems. When asked why she doesnt pray, she insist.. More

  • Suffers from Whispers About Purity and Passing Wind

    Assalamu alaykum,I have been experiencing pops and bubbles from my buttocks for over six years. I'm suffering from waswas but this experience is HORRIBLE because I do not know what I am meant to do with it. I experience these sensations during wudu and salah and I do not know the cause because I can fart normally. It even happens when I'm holding my.. More

  • Attending to the Mother While She Is Watching T.V. Programs

    Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.Shaikh, I want to ask. What is ruling on helping my mother doing thing that is used to enjoyed with watching TV when she watches TV such as giving her a snack when she watches TV, or giving her a pile of untidy clothes that she asked it, so she could iron the clothes while enjoying TV? Is this counted as helping.. More

  • Wants to Use Medical Makeup to Cover Scars on His Face

    Dear Shaikh, I’m a man with a big surgical scar on my cheek. I’ve suffered a lot of depression because of this scar for many years including hurtful comments, constant stares and disgusted expressions. Recently I came across a special type of medical makeup that can be used to cover such scars. This makeup can be worn for 1-2 days without taking.. More

  • Posts Products on His Social Media Accounts for His Friend and Adds Profit on the Price

    My friend is selling a product which he's sending me their pictures through WhatsApp at cheaper price so that I can add profit on the price and sell the product, example a shoes price is $6 so he'll send me the shoes picture but the price will be $4 so that i can sell it and get the profit of 2$ , but the products is not mine my job is to just post.. More

  • Animated Images or Sculptures Are Inevitably Everywhere

    Asalamualakim! It seems today that animated images or sculptures are inevitably everywhere - on clothing, stickers, labels (cat food, cereal, etc.), blankets, etc. I have a collection of stuffed animals and a variety of other products with animated images and photographs of animals and people on them. I also draw human portraits sometimes. I am concerned.. More

  • Revealing Parts of Her Body Through Skype to a Female Doctor

    Assalamu Alaikom, is it permissible for a female to send by email or show during Skype conversation parts of her body to a female doctor? I suffer from eczema, my doctor(female) would like to see infected parts of my body (e.g. arms, legs, eyes), am I allowed to do so? During Coronavirus pandemic doctors do not see patients personally, rather than they.. More

  • Desiring a Sin but Not Committing It

    Assalamu Alaikum. I hope Allah grants you guys Jannah. I want to know if it is considered life if someone misses doing something haram that he used to do in the past and he reminisces about it (music or looking at women for example)? And what if he sees it as a memory (music and looking at women for example)? And what if he does the same haram act again.. More

  • They Have a Disabled Daughter and Find a Great Hardship in Taking Care of Her

    Assalamu 'alaikum,Muhtaram,Allah has given me a daughter, the current age of the girl is twenty months. The girl is disabled. The girl still cannot sit, stand and walk. We (especially my wife) have to endure endless hardships to nurture the girl. There is social stigma. We live a kind of socially isolated life. We are treating the girl as best we can... More

  • Playing Games in Which the Character Looks Exactly Like a Human

    What is the ruling on playing games in which a character looks exactly like a human with all of the human features? .. More

  • She Is Afflicted with Whispers About Discharge of Maniyy

    Salam, When looking for maniy discharge, are you required to just check the external private parts or internal as well. And what if you see discharge once you start washing private part, does it require ghusl. I'm struggling with waswas.JazakAllah .. More

  • Forbidding Family Members from Watching Unlawful Shows

    Assalamu Alaikum. My family always open haram tv shows on the tv in the living room, which contain women and music. And I really want to stay with my family in the living room alot of the time, because I get bored and lonely in my room. I tried telling them to not open those tv shows, but they refused. Would I be sinful for staying in the living room?.. More

  • Played a Lot of Games by Hacking

    Assalamu 'Alaikum. I have hacked a lot of games and saved more than 700 QAR by this. When I came to the right path, I realized that I did wrong. In this situation, it is impossible for me to donate so much money or send it back to the game companies(I dont know how to send money to the game companies). What should I do now? .. More

  • Owning a Supermarket Business Whose Products Contain Pictures

    Is it halal to own supermarket business as the products contain pictures of animate and human beings on them? .. More