1040 fatwas

  • Sujud-at-Tilawah outside Salah Date: 18-9-2002

    How can I perform "Sujud-at-Tilawah" while reading Qur'an when I am not in "Salah"? Should I begin with "Takbirat-al-Ihraam" and end with "Taslim"?.. More

  • Reading Qur'an in translation Date: 18-9-2002

    We used to read Qur'an in Arabic but I don't understand Arabic so if we read it in our language. Is it good?.. More

  • Explanation of Qur'an [52: 24] Date: 12-9-2002

    Surah of At-Tur verse 24 Ghilmanun Llahum K'annahum Lu'lu'un Maknun. Why are we promised attractive boys?.. More

  • Recitation of Qur'an Date: 4-9-2002

    Is it ok to read the Qur'an the way Sheikh Abdul Basith reads it in Qiraat or is it a Bidah, because I was reading in Zad al-Maad that using tones is a Bidah... More

  • Location and meaning of Ayahs Date: 4-9-2002

    Kindly explain briefly and give chapter and verses of the following Ayahs?1) Ya Ayyuhallathina Aamanu Ithaqullaha Haqqa Thuqathihi?2) Wallahu Ala An-Nasi Hajjal Baith?3) Wajahadu Fi Sabeelillah?4) Inna Akramakum Indallahi Athqakum?.. More

  • Gatherings to recite Qur'an Date: 3-9-2002

    What does Islam say regarding some people who gather together and recite Qur'an on a specific day, for a dead person or because of building a new house, or any thing which brought happiness to them? Explain with some suggestions of Ulamah... More

  • Taking Qur'an into the toilet Date: 1-9-2002

    I am man living in USA and usually I put in my pocket Qur'an. Some time I need to go to the bathroom and for some reason I forget to take the Qur'an out of my pocket. I remember it only when I am already inside. What should I do? And how does the Muslim religion looks at it?.. More

  • Listening to Qur'an while having marital sex Date: 25-8-2002

    Can we listen to Qur'anic recitation while my wife and I are having intercourse?.. More

  • Memorizing the Qur'an starting from its end Date: 24-8-2002

    Can I start memorizing the Qur'an starting from the end?.. More

  • Touching the Qur'an or references to it while in menses Date: 19-8-2002

    When I have menses can I touch the Qur'an to read it? Can I touch explanations of the Qur'an also?.. More

  • Disease Mentioned in Soorah TaHa [20: 97] Date: 17-8-2002

    In Surah TaHa, [20: 97] Prophet Moses , Moses warns Samiri that he is going to be affected by a very harmful and strange disease, but the name of the disease is not mentioned. What is the disease? What is the name of it in English? .. More

  • Reading Qur'an or book of Du'a while undergoing operation Date: 17-8-2002

    I am due to have a caesarean section to deliver my baby, Insha Allah, on the 13th Aug. and I was wondering, would it be allowed for me to have a copy of Qur'an or a Du'a book I can read while this operation is taking place... More

  • Making Du'a and reading Qur'an in language other than Arabic Date: 4-8-2002

    I'm an American Muslim who doesn't speak Arabic. Can I make (Du'a), e.g. when entering the bathroom or hearing the thunder in English or must I say it in Arabic? Can I read the Qur'an in English? I have one with both English and Arabic, but I just started learning Arabic... More

  • Prostrations during the prohibited times Date: 29-7-2002

    In the Name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful and peace be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad. During the period of "Zawwal" i.e. the time after the Fajr prayer, just before the Zuhr prayer, just about the noon time and after the Asr prayer, before the Maghrib prayer, when it is not allowed to offer prayer or offer prostration, if.. More

  • Holding the Qur'an while traveling Date: 29-7-2002

    When traveling can I hold a Qur'an even when I am not praying because of the way luggage is handled in planes, I want to carry it with me... More