1025 fatwas

  • Qur'anic recitation of radio, but no one listening Date: 19-8-1999

    Is it permissible to leave the radio on while Holy Quran is recited when no one is present to listen or not paying attention?.. More

  • Names of the Qur'an Date: 18-8-1999

    How many names does the َQur'an have?.. More

  • Heaven and earth created in 6 days Date: 17-8-1999

    While Allah repeatedly says that the creation of earth and heavens was in 6 days in suratul Furqan it adds up to 8 days(2+4+2); why is this?.. More

  • Grammatical errors in Quran Date: 16-8-1999

    I have come across a website which says that there are grammatical errors in Quran. I would highly appreciate it if you can give the answer to this allegation... More

  • Abraham Being Ordered To Sacrifice His Son Date: 10-8-1999

    Did God command Abraham to sacrifice his son? Or, as some Muslims argue, did Abraham have a vision or dream inspired by Satan to kill his son? These Muslims argue that God would never order a crime such as this as supported by Sura 7:28, when the Qura'n says God would never advocate sin. Instead they say, God saved Abraham from killing his son when.. More